360 Sonic Brush Reviews [The Future of Toothbrushes?]

March 3, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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One of the hottest new trends in the oral hygiene world is a toothbrush that doesn't require you to brush yourself.

360 sonic brushes use some clever engineering to recreate the effect of manually brushing your teeth but eliminates the need for you to even use your hands.

Recently, more and more tech companies have been producing sonic brushes like these, and they've become a go-to item for birthday presents for all ages.

However, this technology seems a little too good to be true for some people. After all, can the technology really be any more reliable than the tried and tested manual method that's worked for hundreds of years?

In this article, we will be going over everything you need to know before purchasing a 360 sonic brush. We'll be answering all the most frequently asked questions about the brushes, and ultimately we'll be determining whether or not they're worth thinking about.


Regardless of which company makes the 360 sonic brush, several features will always be the same.

The brush will often have a kind of box-like section that stays outside the mouth, which houses all the electrical components like batteries and motors.

Of course, being something that gets near your mouth, this section will be pretty waterproof, and you won't have to worry about damaging it or shocking yourself in the bathroom.

This section will contain the charging port for you to recharge the batteries in the brush, and it will often also have the on/off power button.

The other main component of the brush is that part that goes into your mouth. This is almost always designed to match the shape of your teeth and will have a curved U-shape design.

Of course, every person's mouth is shaped slightly differently, so there will always be a chance that the brush won't fit the shape of your mouth as well as it will fit someone else's.

However, most manufacturers do a pretty good job creating a universal shape that will work for anyone.

This part of the brush also has to be waterproof as it goes into your mouth.

You can use whatever toothpaste you like with these brushes. Some manufacturers will even send a tube of their own toothpaste along with the brush, which is often designed to provide maximum teeth whitening effects.

How Do 360 Sonic Brushes Work?

You might still be wondering what these brushes actually do to clean your teeth and how they work without the need for any manual brushing.

Essentially, the 360 sonic brushes use vibrations and sonic energy to clean teeth. The motor inside the electrical panel of the brush causes the part that goes into your mouth to vibrate, which theoretically loosens plaque and dirt from your teeth.

The idea is that manual toothbrushes can't reach every corner of a person's mouth and some parts between teeth often remain improperly cleaned after brushing.

However, the sonic vibrations cover every part of a person's teeth and eliminate this issue altogether.

Product Range

Now that we've established what these 360 sonic brushes are and how they work, let's look at some of the different products that are being sold by manufacturers.

V-White 360° Electric Toothbrush

V-White Electric Toothbrush Adults - Ultrasonic U-Shaped Toothbrushes for Teeth Whitening - 360° Mouth Cleansing, Hands free Gums Protection - Wireless Charging & LED Light - Waterproof IPX7 Certified

By far, the most popular brand for 360 sonic brushes is this one from V-White. Part of the reason it's been so popular is its user-friendly design.

Primarily, the brush only weighs around 9oz, making it easy to leave it going in your mouth without having to hold it, and you'll hardly even notice it's there.

Similarly, the V-White brush has three different brushing modes: strong mode, medium mode, and whitening mode. Naturally, the strong mode will provide the most adequate clean but can be a little uncomfortable.

That's why the medium mode is there, to create a nice middle ground between comfort and cleaning proficiency.

It's not entirely clear how the whitening mode works to make your teeth any whiter, and it's entirely possible that it doesn't work as effectively as advertised.

Another cool feature of this brush is the LED lights that work on your mouth's inside while brushing. That means you can see what's happening inside your mouth much more easily and move the brush around slightly to get a better clean.

V-White Electric Toothbrush Adults - Ultrasonic U-Shaped Toothbrushes for Teeth Whitening - 360° Mouth Cleansing, Hands free Gums Protection - Wireless Charging & LED Light - Waterproof IPX7 Certified
  • 【40,000 VPM Smart Toothbrush】 Speed up to 670 brush movements per second. Specially designed seals and gaskets keep the V-White Smart toothbrush water tolerant and it removes 300 percentage more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush.
  • 【Material & Specifications】10 Days battery timing with 30 minutes of charging (Must be dry when charging), the largest battery capacity in the market. Ultra-fast wireless charging (forget cheap USB charging). Also, IPX7 waterproof to be used at bath and shower. Upgraded lengthened version U-shape brush head with end-rounded bristles, combined with safe silica gel material to protect your teeth and gum.
  • 【3 HIGH-PERFORMANCE BRUSHING MODES】 Powerful Teeth Brushing (Strong Mode), Comfortable (Medium Mode), Teeth Whitening (Whitening Mode) to suit different conditions of teeth of gums, so you can choose different modes according to your preferences and dentist's recommendations.
  • 【U-SHAPED DESIGN】 This U-shaped automatic toothbrush snap fit design is tailored made to fit the mouth and clean the surface & internal orientation of the teeth. Made from “food-grade silicone”, it is highly water-repellent, washable and reusable electric toothbrush.
  • 【What's in the Box】1 x V-WHITE electric toothbrush Handle, 1 x silicone Brush Head, 1 x wireless Charging Dock, and 1 x Instruction Manual. This perfect combination of brushing set will bring the health, whitening and 360 degree cleaning effect to your teeth.

Smiletech 360°Automatic Toothbrush

This is another popular 360 sonic brush that hosts a lot of the same features as others but with a couple of additional ones.

It's important to note that this brush has an extra brushing mode over the previous ones we've looked at. It includes the same three as before but also has a massage mode for your gums.

Theoretically, this promotes blood circulation through the gums and leads to better oral hygiene.

The company emphasizes that it's best to use photocatalyst toothpaste with this brush. It is best for cleaning and whitening and will easily decompose under the LED lights, which also feature in this brush.

However, using any old toothpaste with this brush is still entirely possible.

Catlion Kids Electric 360 Toothbrush

CATLION U Type Sonic Whole Mouth Toothbrush,Children's Ultrasonic Toothbrushes,Kids Electric Toothbrush,360 Whitening and Cleaning Teeth,Ipx8 Waterproof,4 Gear Mode,Voice Broadcast (8-15 Years, Pink)

We've included this product in our reviews to highlight the fact that companies are also now producing these brushes for children.

Whether or not you should let your kids use these kinds of toothbrushes is a controversial topic that's debated heavily online.

On the one hand, these brushes are good for saving time and ensuring that teeth are cleaned consistently and effectively.

However, on the other hand, allowing your children to rely too heavily on an automatic toothbrush like this could prevent them from learning how to manually brush their teeth properly.

Not to mention, because children's bodies are still developing, the automatic brush might be too harsh on their mouth. It will ultimately be too small for them, potentially even a year after purchase.

However, with some children being particularly fussy about brushing teeth, this automatic brush could prevent a solution to get them taking their oral hygiene seriously.

CATLION U Type Sonic Whole Mouth Toothbrush,Children's Ultrasonic Toothbrushes,Kids Electric Toothbrush,360 Whitening and Cleaning Teeth,Ipx8 Waterproof,4 Gear Mode,Voice Broadcast (8-15 Years, Pink)
  • ★Teeth Whitening Aids:With sonic vibrations of up to 24,000 beats per minute(it will produce some noise, but the sound is not too loud, because each person's tolerance for noise is different, so some people will find the sound too loud),It has shown efficacy in removing plaque and helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis. it goes beyond just cleaning teeth – it provides complete oral care with unique modes that include one for whitening and one for improving gum health.
  • ★Material:u-shaped electric toothbrush head made of edible grade silicone with 99.9% tooth wrap rate.The silicone is soft (so don't let your child bite it, it can easily damage the toothbrush head) and can be a good way to prevent your child's gums from being harmed.
  • ★This toothbrush has four brushing modes, each lasting 45 seconds. It is recommended to cycle through each of these four brushing modes once each time you brush your teeth.
  • ★Myst Toothbrush & Travel Case Included (the lid of the travel case can be filled with water for brushing teeth).it can last 2 full weeks (4 min/2x a day) on a full charge so it's perfect for on the go travel with the included travel case
  • ★Toothbrush head replacement method: against the bottom of the toothbrush head can be pulled out with force, and then the new toothbrush head aligned with the small hole inserted, so that you can replace the new toothbrush head

Value For Money

Regarding the products, we've looked at and the average price of 360 sonic brushes online, they represent fairly good value for money.

The obvious comparison is with regular electric toothbrushes. These also use a similar motor system to the 360 brushes but will implement it in vastly different ways.

In general, the 360 brushes cost a little more on average than a normal electric toothbrush, but for that extra price, you do get all the cool added benefits of automatic brushing and a variety of brushing modes.

However, if you're only interested in getting a brush that provides the highest cleaning quality, you won't really find any difference between the 360 brush and a regular electric brush.

360 Sonic Brush vs Regular Toothbrush

Of course, the other comparison that must be drawn is with a normal, manual toothbrush. These two devices are, of course, at completely opposite ends of the toothbrush spectrum.

Manual brushes represent the primitive technology that's worked just fine for centuries, while 360 sonic brushes are the newest development in the tech.

What you'll ultimately find when comparing these two types of brushes is that they will both adequately clean your teeth as long as you use them properly.

For example, if you use a manual toothbrush correctly and cover every millimeter of your teeth appropriately, they will end up as clean as you can get them. Similarly, if you use the 360 sonic brush properly, you'll also be able to achieve equally good results.

The only real difference between the two is the amount of time and effort required to get your teeth in sparkling condition. A manual toothbrush could take around 2 minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth to the highest possible standards.

However, a 360 sonic brush could be achieved in as little as 45 seconds. Ultimately, it's up to you whether this time saved is worth paying extra for the automatic brush.

Do 360 Sonic Brushes Actually Work?

Plenty of people are still skeptical about whether or not 360 sonic brushes actually work to clean your teeth effectively.

In general, customer reviews seem pretty split on this topic. However, some 5-star reviews recommend these brushes to anyone and everyone who can get a hold of them, heralding them as the best you can get in oral hygiene standards.

However, some customers also feel that the 360 sonic brush ripped them off and that their teeth didn't feel any cleaner after using it.

Generally, with split reviews like this, most of the indecisiveness can be attributed to different people using the product differently. It's entirely possible that some 1-star reviewers didn't try enough different settings or misused the product.

Although, it's just as possible that 5-star reviewers didn't have the highest standards for oral hygiene and believed the brush to be better than it actually is.

However, even the 5-star reviewers determined that you should use a regular toothbrush alongside the 360 sonic brush.

It seems there's only so much cleaning that can be done with sonic power and vibrations, and it isn't good enough compared to a regular toothbrush.

In general, we can safely conclude that the 360 sonic brush does NOT work to clean your teeth thoroughly. However, it still works adequately well when used before or after regular teeth brushing.

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360 Sonic Brush Review - Final Thoughts

In general, the 360 sonic toothbrush seems like something of a fad that catches attention, makes a great birthday present but ultimately is a waste of time and money.

The fact that you need to use a regular toothbrush alongside it to get thoroughly cleaned teeth completely defeats the time-saving purpose of the sonic toothbrush.

That's not to say that there aren't some people who wouldn't enjoy receiving something like this as a gift, so don't be put off buying one altogether and give one a try if you can.

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