The 6 Best Catfish Hooks [And 5 Hot Tips For Keeping It Reel]

May 26, 2022
by Dan Skewes

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If you are an angler, you will know that different kinds of fish have different preferences.

This is why you should use different lures to mimic a specific species of fish's natural food.

The same can be said for fishing hooks; there are different hooks that are more likely to catch different species of fish. 

In this article, we will explore the best catfish hooks on the market so that when you head off on your next big fishing trip, you can be properly prepared and have all the tools you will need to catch a catfish successfully. 

The worst thing that could happen as an angler would be to find out after you have reached your destination to find that you have no catfish hooks or, even worse, to discover that you have terrible quality catfish hooks.

But do not worry; in this article, we have you covered.

We will explore several of the best quality catfish hooks on the market, so you do not have to wade through hundreds of mediocre products online. 

So, without further ado, let us get started with the first product on our list of the six best Catfish hooks out there: 

The Catfish Sumo Store - Heavyweight Catfish Hooks

Heavyweight Catfish Hooks - Offset Octopus Circle Hooks, 10/0 (Hooks)

This is one of the most popular products in the world of catfish fishing because it offers heavy-duty hooks.

These hooks are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life. They are made from high-quality materials, and they are extremely durable.

With the Catfish Sumo heavyweight catfish hook, you will receive a pack of twenty-five alloy steel hooks. 

We loved this product and found that it really was as durable and strong as the manufacturer advertised.

Overall these hooks were absolutely worth the money, and we recommend them to anglers of any level that are interested in catching some catfish. 


  • Multipack – This product is sold in a large pack of 25, so even if one of your hooks breaks or gets lost, you will have plenty of spares. 
  • High Quality – This product is made from a strong material called alloy steel, making these hooks very strong and heavyweight. 
  • Circular Design – These hooks have a strong and circular design that holds bait well, and this also makes it tough for the fish to throw the hook.
  • Brand Name – This product comes from an established brand, so you can expect good quality equipment if you purchase this product. 


  • Eyes – Some customers found that the eye of these hooks was pinched shut which made it hard to get the fishing line threaded through. 
  • Size – Some customers found that these hooks were not the right size to catch catfish.
  • Set Hooks – In some states like New Jersey, these hooks are illegal for stripe bass. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website, make sure to check it out at The Catfish Sumo'ssStore.

Heavyweight Catfish Hooks - Offset Octopus Circle Hooks, 10/0 (Hooks)
  • SPORTSMAN'S DREAM: Hook sets in a fish's mouth or lip and helps prevent gut-hooking fish; This means you'll be able to Catch, Photo, Release fish quickly and safely
  • PROTECT YOUR LINE: Closed Eye protects your line and your knot so you can fight a monster, or pull out from a snag with confidence
  • WARNING: Sharp hooks
  • STOP LOSING FISH: There's a reason you're missing so many fish--and it's your hooks; Catfish Sumo hooks are made from forged steel, offset with a razor sharp tip to ensure the best hook set, and keep your lunkers on!

Team Catfish Store - Double Action Circle Hooks

Team Catfish 8/0 Double Action Hook (3 Pack) Super Wide Gap Circle Hooks with Needle Sharp Point, Black Nickle

These hooks are double-action circle hooks. They come in packs of various sizes, so you can pick an amount that suits your needs. These hooks are designed specifically for catfishing.

They are made of carbon steel which makes them extra sturdy. They are also designed to hold baits securely, and they won't break easily when used correctly. 

These particular hooks are double action which means that the point bends toward the shank, which lessens the likelihood of deep hooking a fish and by extension a much less aggressive hook setting. 

Overall, we loved these catfish hooks, they work as advertised and are super strong.

The best part for us was the fact that you could pick the number of hooks you want and the double-action features of this particular product. These hooks are ideal for experienced anglers and amateurs alike. 


  • Pack Sizes – With this product, you can pick the pack sizes, so whether you want nine or twelve hooks, you can pick an amount that suits you. 
  • Double Action Hooks – These hooks are double action, so if you are looking for a hook that is better designed than your average catfish hood, go for this product. 
  • High Quality – This product is made from carbon steel, so you do not have to worry about the hook bending or breaking under a bit of pressure. 
  • Size – According to some customer reviews, these hooks are ideally sized for catching catfish. 


  • Pack Numbers – Some customers found that when they received their catfish hooks there were fewer items in the box than they anticipated. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website, make sure to check it out at Team Catfish'ssStore.

Team Catfish 8/0 Double Action Hook (3 Pack) Super Wide Gap Circle Hooks with Needle Sharp Point, Black Nickle
  • Size 8/0 double action circle hook 3 pack features advanced tempering for extra strength
  • Works 3 ways: Set the hook with a long sweep of the rod, burn the reel until the fish is hooked, or let the fish bury the pole and hook themselves
  • Double Action hooks come with extra wide bait holding gap and a razor-sharp point that will penetrate bone
  • Perfect hook for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and all catfishing situations
  • Includes 3 size 8/0 circle hooks

Facikono Store - Circle Saltwater Catfish and Bass Hooks

Facikono Circle Hooks Saltwater Catfish Bass Fishing Hooks, 180pcs Octopus Offset Fishing Hooks with 5pcs Power Clips

This saltwater catfish hook is perfect for catching catfish. It has a great design and is made from high-quality materials.

It is designed for saltwater use. The hook is also lightweight and durable. 

If you purchase these hooks you will receive 180 hooks of various sizes, so you can catch variously sized fish and always have a spare hook on hand.

The eye of these hooks is smooth and closed to prevent cutting and dropping off the line.

Along with an assortment of hooks, you will receive five strong lure clips, so if you prefer fishing with lures you can easily use these devices to make it easier.

Overall, we loved this product and highly recommend it to anyone that needs a large quantity of various sized hooks and some fishing lures. 


  • Quantity – With this purchase, you will be receiving 180 hooks of various sizes. 
  • Additional Tools – With this purchase, you will be receiving five strong lure clips. 
  • Good Quality – These catfish hooks are made from stainless steel, so you can rest assured that your hooks will not break or bend easily. 
  • Sharp – These hooks are sharp, so you will easily be able to catch yourself a nice big catfish, bass, or snapper. 


  • Case – The case that all the hooks arrive in is not strong and may cause issues when you are using it. 
  • Pack Numbers – Some customers found that sometimes there were items missing from the pack. For example, one customer received only four lure clips when they were supposed to get five.
Facikono Circle Hooks Saltwater Catfish Bass Fishing Hooks, 180pcs Octopus Offset Fishing Hooks with 5pcs Power Clips
  • What You Get: 180Pcs saltwater circle hooks neatly separated by 6 sizes (50pcs for each size 1/0 and 2/0, 20pcs for each 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0) and 5pcs fishing clips, all in a reusable box. A good selection of sizes can meet your needs.
  • Versatile Fishing Clips: Stainless steel fishing clips designed for easier lures, rigs, leaders changing, many various lure types match.
  • Saltwater/Freshwater Fishing Hook: Octopus circle hooks are effective to catch catfish, bass, trout, walleye, salmon, perch. Must-have fishing hooks for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  • Catch and Release: The inward bending hook tip and offset point help hook the fish in the lip or mouth, less gut hooked fishes and bleeding.
  • Reliable and Trusted: Quality steel forged makes the fishing hooks solid and tough to catch some good sized fish. No escape, no bending.

Kunsilane Store - Big River Bait Catfish Hooks 

Catfish Hooks Big River Bait Hook Size 8/0,40PCS Heavy Duty Offset Fishing Hooks Saltwater High Carbon Steel Black Nicke

The Kunsilane store offers a wide variety of products including catfish hooks.

They offer various sizes of hooks, so you can choose which size you need.

You can also select between single action and double action hooks. If you are looking for quality hooks then you should consider purchasing them from the Kunsilane store.

This product in particular, is made from high carbon steel and is a saltwater size hook.

You will receive twenty-five hooks with your purchase, and they should all be one size.

Before you add the item to your basket, you should be able to pick your hook size and quantity of hooks you want.  

Overall, we really loved this product and would highly recommend it to anglers of any level. 


  • Size and Quantity Options – You can pick the number of hooks you want and what size you want them before you purchase this product.
  • Tough – These hooks are made from strong carbon steel, so you can rest assured that your hook will not bend or break easily, even when you have the big one on the line. 
  • Large Gap – This product has a large gap which will optimize hook penetration and make sure that your fish stays securely on the line. 


  • No Additional Tools – This product does not come with any additional accessories like lure clips or fishing lines.
Catfish Hooks Big River Bait Hook Size 8/0,40PCS Heavy Duty Offset Fishing Hooks Saltwater High Carbon Steel Black Nicke
  • MATEERIAL:Catfish offset hooks are created from high carbon steel chemically Sharpened,
  • COLOR:The black nickel color finish is durabel and corrosion resistant.
  • STRONG:Wire Diameter is 2.5mm. Provide the strongest and sharpest catfishing hooks available,offset design to accommodate larger baits when needed.
  • FEATURES: An unique shape and large gap are designed to optimize hook penetration and hold fish more securely once hooked.
  • PACKING:40 PCS 8/0 cat hooks packed into a box.

THKFISH Store - Circle Hooks for Catfish

THKFISH Octopus Fishing Hooks Circle Hooks for Catfish Hooks Drop Shot Hooks Barbs Circle Fish Hooks 100Pcs/box 1/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0

The THKFish store offers a wide range of products, including catfish fishing gear.

They offer various sizes and types of hooks as well as other fishing equipment.

In addition to their extensive selection of catfish hooks, they also sell a variety of other fishing tools such as bobbers, sinkers, floats, etc.

These hooks are designed specifically for catching catfish. You will receive a hundred hooks with your purchase, and each hook should be approximately 1/2" long.

When you order these hooks, you should be able to specify how many you want and what size. 

These hooks are made from high carbon steel, so you can rest assured that your hooks will not bend or break easily.

Overall, these are pretty great catfish hooks. We loved them; they are hardy and do not easily bend or snap.

On top of that, the high quantity and size variety makes this product worth every penny. 


  • Size Variety – With this product, you will receive several hooks of different sizes, so you can have a catfish hook for any sized fish. 
  • Quantity – If you purchase this product, you will receive one hundred hooks, so you will always have a spare handy. 
  • Good Quality – These catfish hooks are made from a strong material called high carbon steel. So you can rest assured that your hooks will not easily bend or break. 
  • Types of Hooks – Before you add this product to your basket, you can pick between an octopus beak hook or an octopus circle hook. 


  • Hook Shape – Some customers found that the shape of these hooks in particular was strange and was not exactly what they were looking for. 
THKFISH Octopus Fishing Hooks Circle Hooks for Catfish Hooks Drop Shot Hooks Barbs Circle Fish Hooks 100Pcs/box 1/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Barbed design,offset point,turned up eye fishing hooks.The octopus fishing hook features perfect penetration and holding capacity.
  • VERSATILE OCTOPUS HOOKS: Ideal for Fishing baits like fishing worm bait and other soft plastic baits. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater like sea, river, reservoir and stream fishing.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL:These octopus hooks are made of black high carbon steel. Special process to ensure that the hook is corrosion resistance and has high strength,not easily deformed.
  • TARGET FISH: A must fishing hooks for catfish, carp, salmon, trout, bass, bluegill, walleye, crappie,pike,perch,panfish, redfish,blackfish,etc.
  • 100PCS & 5 SIZES: Package includes 100PCS octopus circle fishing hooks in 5 sizes ( 1/0,3/0,4/0,5/0,6/0),in which size 20Pcs per size. A must in your fishing tackle.Believe this fishing hooks set can accompany you a long and happy fishing time.

SILANON Store - Fresh Water Fishing Tackle Kit

Freshwater Fishing Tackle Kit,186PCS Catfish Gear Tackle Box Included Fishing Hooks Fishing Bobbers Sinker Weights Starter Fishing Accessories Equipment for Kids

The SILANON store sells a wide array of products ranging from bait to tackle to clothing.

The company specializes in freshwater fishing supplies and equipment. Their main focus is on providing quality products at affordable prices.

They offer a wide variety of freshwater fishing equipment, lures, hooks, bobbers, and more.

This product is pretty great and has excellent value for money. Not only do you get great quality catfish hooks, you get an entire tackle kit.

It comes with everything you need to catch some catfish. We particularly loved this product because of the wide variety of tackle that you receive with it.

It is not bad quality stuff either so whether you are a professional angler or a novice, you can certainly make sure of this amazing tackle kit.


  • Variety of Tackle – With this kit, you will be receiving a variety of tackle that you can use with your new catfish hook. 
  • Good Quality – These products are perfect quality and made from the best materials you could hope for. 
  • Hook Variety – You will receive a variety of hook types, shapes, and sizes with this kit, so you will be ready to catch.


  • Mixed Up Tackle – Some customers found that when they received their tackle box all the different items were mixed together, and it was painstaking to reorganize them again. 
Freshwater Fishing Tackle Kit,186PCS Catfish Gear Tackle Box Included Fishing Hooks Fishing Bobbers Sinker Weights Starter Fishing Accessories Equipment for Kids
  • MAKES FISHING EASY - The fishing tackle kit box has plenty of the basic fishing hooks, bobbers and removable split-shot sinkers needed to help you in your freshwater fishing adventures.
  • VARIOUS FISHING ACCESSORIES - 186pcs Fishing tackle box contains 30pcs octopus hooks, 30pcs baitholder hooks, 30pcs catfish circle hooks, 15pcs wide gap hooks, 45 pcs split shot sinkers, 6pcs fishing bobbers and 30pcs beads
  • BEST STARTER TACKLE KIT- Fishing Hooks, Fishing Bobbers and Splits Sinkers in various style and sizes target live bait,and the small bobbers help beginners and kids get started fishing.
  • HANDY TACKLE BOX- Perfect for beginner and intermediate anglers, variety of 186 fising gear packaged in 6.7" x 3.9" x 0.9"plastic box with 15 grids, keeps accessories organized; Lightweight and portable to enjoy fishing in fresh and saltwater
  • WIDE APPLICATION- Basic fishing equipment and accessories to target Panfish like Crappie, Bluegill and Perch and rig up live bait for Bass, Trout, Walleye and Catfish

Buyers Guide 

In this section, we are going to look at a variety of features you will need to look out for before you purchase your catfish hook. So, let' sget started!

The Size Of The Hook

When purchasing catfish hooks, you should know that there are two main types: octopus beak hooks and octopus circle hooks.

Octopus beak hooks are often used by professional fishermen because they are very effective for catching larger fish.

However, if you are just starting out then you may prefer to use octopus circle hooks.

The reason is that octopus circle hooks are easier to handle than octopus beak hooks.

Also, it is much more convenient to carry around multiple octopus circle hooks rather than having to carry around only one octopus beak hook.

The Sharpness Of The Hook

You should always check the sharpness of your hooks before using them.

A sharp hook will penetrate better into the flesh of the fish and will help you catch bigger and stronger fish.

There are three ways to check the sharpness of a hook:

1) Use a file to sharpen the hook.

2) Check if the tip of the hook bends when you push on the shaft of the hook.

3) Try to pull the hook through a piece of meat.

If you find that the hook does not penetrate well or if it is difficult to pull the hook through the meat then you should consider buying new hooks.

The Material Of The Hook

It is important to note that some hooks are made of stainless steel while others are made of high-carbon steel.

High carbon steel has been proven to be more durable than stainless steel.

In addition, high carbon steel is less expensive than stainless steel. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a lot of hooks, then you might want to go with high carbon steel instead of stainless steel.

The Length Of The Hook

There are many factors that affect how long a hook needs to be.

For example, the length of the hook impacts whether the hook penetrates deep enough into the flesh of the target fish.

Another factor is the type of bait being used.

When fishing for bass, you will usually want longer hooks. On the other hand, when fishing for crappie, you will typically want shorter hooks.

The Durability Of The Hook

Another thing you should pay attention to is the durability of the hook.

You should make sure that the hook is strong enough so that it won't break off during casting. If the hook breaks off, then you will have to replace it immediately.

This could cause you to lose valuable time.

The Weight Of The Hook

The weight of the hook also plays an important role in determining its effectiveness.

If the hook is too heavy, then it will sink deeper into the water, making it harder to cast.

On the other hand, if the hook is too light, then it will float away from the bait, making it hard to catch the fish. It is recommended that you choose a hook that weighs between 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz.

Octopus Beak Hooks Vs. Octopus Circle Hooks

Octopus beak hooks are generally considered to be superior to octopus circle hooks.

They are more effective at penetrating the flesh of the fish. They can also be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

On the other hand, octopus circle hooks are easy to use and are great for beginners.

They are also good for those who don't like to get their hands dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we are going to answer several questions about catfish hooks and catfishing in general. So, let us get started!

What Is The Best Hook To Use To Catch A Catfish?

This question is very subjective because there is no one best hook for catching all types of catfish.

However, there are certain types of hooks that are more suitable for different species of catfish.

For instance, a short shank hook is ideal for catching smallmouth catfish such as channel cats.

On the other hand, a large shank hook is better suited for catching largemouth bass.

Can A Catfish Survive With A Hook In Its Mouth Or Gut?

Yes, they can survive just fine with a hook in their mouth or gut. The problem arises when the hook gets stuck inside them.

Then they start bleeding profusely. This would result in death within minutes.

What Bait Should You Use To Catch A Catfish?

Catfish love to eat live minnows. Live minnows are the most popular baits for catching catfish.

But if you're looking for something else, then you should try using cut bait. Cut bait includes pieces of meat that are already dead. Some examples include chicken livers, frog legs, pork rinds, etc.

How Long Should Your Line Be?

When fishing for catfish, you need to know how long your line should be.

There are two main reasons why you need to know how far your line should go out.

First, you need to know how much slack is left on the line after each cast.

Second, you need to know where to place your lure depending on the depth of the water.

What Is The Difference Between Saltwater Fishing And Freshwater Fishing?

Saltwater fishing involves using saltwater equipment, while freshwater fishing uses freshwater equipment.

Both methods involve using lures to attract fish, but they differ in many ways.

For example, saltwater equipment has a higher quality than freshwater equipment.

What Are the Different Types of Lures?

Lures come in various shapes and sizes. They are designed to imitate real food items found in nature.

These imitations are called baits. Baits are usually made up of plastic, rubber, metal, wood, feathers, hair, etc.

How Deep Should Your Hook be to Catch a Catfish?

The correct depth depends on the type of catfish you want to catch.

Smallmouth bass prefers shallow waters, while largemouth bass prefers deeper waters.

In addition, some catfish prefer shallower depths while others prefer deeper ones.

Best Catfish Hooks - Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, these answers have helped you gain an understanding of what makes a good catfish hook.

Fishing for catfish requires patience and practice. It's important to understand the behavior of the fish before attempting to catch them.

Here are some tips that will help you become a successful catfish angler:

1) Know How To Fish – If you don't know how to fish, then it won't matter which kind of hook you use. Practice on a local pond until you get comfortable casting and retrieving a lure.

2) Cast With Care – When casting, make sure not to over-cast. Over-casting is when you cast too far away from the target area. This could cause the lure to land somewhere else. Instead, cast close enough so that the lure lands right at the spot where you plan to set the hook.

3) Set The Hook Properly – Make sure you set the hook properly. A proper hook sets itself into the fish's mouth without having to pull back on the line.

4) Keep Calm – Don'ttpanic if you miss the first time. Just keep practicing and eventually, you'll learn how to do this correctly.

5) Have Fun – Enjoy yourself while fishing. Try new things like different types of baits or different techniques.

With all of these tips and one of the amazing hooks we have listed above, you should be well on your way to catching yourself a nice big catfish for your dinner.

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