Best Drunk Food [ The 13 Best Options to Soak Up the Booze]

August 16, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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When was the last time you went to a bar and had a few too many drinks? Maybe it was last week.

Maybe, you're reading this after a few drinks, searching for a good idea for a drunken meal.

Either way, this is definitely an article for you to bookmark, ready for your next plate of food when you're feeling a bit tipsy. There's no shame in it!

Of course, there is an element of practicality that can be used, with some foods being more effective than others at sobering you up.

We've all been there! For example, demolishing a whole pizza in a matter of seconds is excellent, but so is slowly making your way through a variety of greasy foods.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of different types of foods out there, with everyone having an option at their disposal.

Follow our guide to find out what the best drunk foods are to help minimize your hangover.


We thought we'd kick things off with a fan favorite as old as time.

The great thing about pizza is you can basically customize it and change it for whatever mood you're feeling or whatever kind of night you've had.

Just need something easy to line the stomach and soak up the alcohol? Margarita pizza is probably the way to go.

Fancy something a bit spicier? Jalapenos and some chilis can sort you out perfectly with what you need.

We all know when we're drunk we can all get a bit more confident and adventurous, so why not add some new meats or toppings that you might not usually get when ordering pizza?

You might not like them, but you can always pick them off!

Another great thing about pizza is that it's easily suitable for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, so we can all experience and eat the food we love without having to make special acceptions or admissions.

What's not to love about a bit of stuffed crust too? Also, leftover pizza is the best! There, we said it.


These are some of the best things you can eat when they're hot, but not so much when they're cold.

So, make sure that you eat them when they're fresh, rather than when they're stale the day after.

When it comes to what type you can have, there are so many out there to choose from! The obvious alternative is that sweet potato fries are simply heavenly.

If you want to have something a bit different, why not sprinkle some bacon over the top with some melted cheese and make them loaded fries?

This will enhance the taste and the richness of the flavor, which just tastes so much better when you've had a few drinks.

This is also easily swapped with something like veggie bacon to make sure everyone can have some!

Sauces. Sauces are incredibly important and can make or break your portion of fries.

If you have some bacon and cheese, then we recommend adding some smoky barbecue sauce to complement the flavors present in the other parts of the dish.

On top of this, we think that mayo, garlic mayo, and ketchup are all incredible in their own right.

So, make sure you switch things up from time to time. Not to mention, fries go with literally anything.


Burger and fries with some beer

If you're looking for an instant fix of meaty flavors and a range of toppings, then why not get yourself some form of a burger.

You have anything from beef burger patties to chicken burger patties in your buns, whilst being able to add bacon and cheese if you want to add a bit more depth to your meal.

Let's be honest, you can add bacon to anything and it gets better.

Now, the salad of the burger shouldn't be overlooked. A lot of people prefer to have their burgers as unhealthy as they can get, which we totally understand.

However, we think some fresh lettuce, tomato, and something like chili peppers can make your burger better with the taste and the texture.

It's something that is a necessity for a lot of people, and we can see why.

Of course, if you're getting a burger, you can then combine the food with some fries and some other smaller sides so that you can have a real feast after your heavy drinking session.

Burgers are great because you can judge the size of your meal depending on how drunk you are, how much you want to eat, and how messy you want things to get after that first bite!


One of the most satisfying foods to eat when you're drunk is noodles.

We all know fun it is to slowly eat your noodles, sucking them into your mouth and making that slurping noise that everyone turns their head at.

Well, they taste even better when they're eaten after a drinking session. Making sure they have the right toppings and flavors is also crucial!

Think about it, if you don't want to have something heavy like fries or a full pizza, then noodles are a great alternative for filling your stomach and keeping yourself occupied at the same time.

Adding some succulent duck, crispy chicken, or even some fresh and crunchy vegetables is the perfect way to make your noodles the best noodles you've ever had.

One thing that you can add to noodles to make them even better is a portion of rice with some soy sauce sprinkled over the top.

From here, you can make any sort of meal with these features and add different foods to expand your palette.

Rice Dishes

So, as we mentioned, you can have rice as a portion of great food for when you're drunk. Get a spoon and away you go. It's so easy to eat!

We recommend including some sort of chicken, whether it be crispy or a standard grilled type of chicken.

On top of this, you can have beef, vegetables, pork, or basically anything you can think of!

Chicken Curry

One thing we recommend trying is a good chicken curry when you're drunk. You can choose whatever level of spice you like, with lots available to you.

There are plenty of spicy curries out there for you to explore, but there are also a lot of mild ones that focus a lot on the taste of the curry, rather than the levels of spice involved.

On top of this, you can add some amazing little sides to the meal, with naan bread and poppadoms coming in all different shapes and forms.

Some of the best naan bread has some sort of meat or coconut filling, adding an extra flavor layer to your drunken snack.

Also, you can add fries to the meal to make it even better. This is without even considering beef and lamb, instead of the more common chicken.

Fried Rice

We already touched on this topic, but fried rice is one of the nicest dishes to have when you're drunk.

The combinations are truly endless concerning what you put in your rice meal.

For example, having prawns or shrimp in your rice will give you a flavor that meats like beef and chicken would never be able to achieve.

On top of this, you can sprinkle some vegetables like spring onions and chives over the top, which just adds to the authenticity of the dish.

This also gives you a different layer of texture, which will make the dish taste fifty-times better when you've had a few beers or some wine.


Easily one of our favorite ideas on this list, ribs come in lots of different forms and sizes.

Of course, our favorite is baby back ribs, which are absolutely incredible when they're cooked tenderly and with the right type of barbecue sauce.

As well as this, you can have spare ribs or St. Louis ribs if you're feeling something a bit different to baby back variations.

Obviously, you need to combine these ribs with fries and, if you're sober enough, some fresh lettuce tops off the meal with a flourish and a garnish.

However, we recommend trying beef ribs if you get the chance. It offers you something different from pork ribs and gives you a much larger amount of food in your portion.

Mexican Food

Table full of Mexican Food

Would this really be a drunken food guide if we didn't have a section dedicated to food from our neighbors to the south?

There are so many different Mexican foods that work so well when sober, let alone drunk.

Because of this, we've dedicated a little section to Mexican food, which we're sure you're bound to find helpful.


Now, who doesn't love a thick burrito with the most amount of things inside as possible? The messier the better we say!

However, there are a lot of different ways to have burritos, which makes them so great.

Although, we do have to point out that it might take you a lot longer to come to a decision on what you want after a drinking period!

We always recommend adding some sort of sauce to your burrito, whether it's one that adds another layer of spice to the food, or whether it's a cheese sauce that explodes with flavor in your mouth.

Just make sure you're not wearing your best clothes because it's more than likely that some will find their way onto your shirt or your dress after taking a big bite.

Now, when it comes to the filling, we love having a burrito with some sort of minced beef inside, whether it's spicy or at normal temperature.

From here, you could add rice, various vegetables, and even grated cheese.

However, we have to point out that chicken is always a good alternative if you're not a fan! Of course, you can always have vegetarian options as well.


Carrying on the theme of a Mexican night meal, tacos have to be some of the easiest comfort foods out there to eat.

All you have to do is fill up your shell and fill it up with whatever food you feel like eating at the time.

Beef is always a quality choice and we recommend pairing it with some lettuce and grated cheese to up the ante and the flavors.

There are two great types of tacos you should try, which come in the form of soft taco shells and hard taco shells.

This allows you to choose the type of texture you want to experience, whilst keeping the main fundamentals of the meal similar.

You can also have the, straight from the pan or from a box, with different temperatures available! The world is your taco! Or, something like that.


Now, onto the other easiest food form to ever exist, nachos are the perfect finger food for people after a heavy drinking session, which means that there's less effort involved with preparing and trying to eat, and more time to actually enjoy your food.

Whilst they're often seen with lots of different things on top, there's nothing wrong with a bit of salsa alone.

At the end of the day, nachos are there as an edible spoon, to allow you to pick up different toppings and food, whilst limiting the amount of waste being produced on the food side of things.

Much like nachos, these work brilliantly with some succulent beef and various types of vegetables like chives, chili peppers, and even some guacamole!

We always recommend having a little pot of melted cheese if you're a fan of the dairy product because it's a constant 10/10 every time! Especially when done at home.

If you really want to have a cheesy combination, we say you should grate some cheese over the nachos before dipping them into a cheese sauce. Double bubble!

Sweet Tooth

Now, we're going to move on to some of the sweeter foods because they're a great way to ensure that you finish your night with a flourish.

Although there's something special about nachos, burgers, and pizza, there is something equally special with the following foods.

Without further ado, let's get right into the desserts. Now, this is something to sink your teeth into!


Extending on from our Mexican section, churros have to be some of the nicest desserts out there. Or, we think so anyway.

They work on so many different levels! You can enjoy mini churros just as much as massive ones, which means that there's a churro for every occasion.

With some sprinkled sugar over the top and some different dips, you're in for a treat.

We need to discuss the dips as well! Melted chocolate is a fan favorite, obviously, but we need to stress how good some caramel sauce is on the side.

The sweetness of the churros with a salty caramel dip is just heavenly, and we can't compliment it anymore!

Then, there's ice cream - which brings us on to our next section.

Ice Cream

We could sit here all day and talk to you about the different flavors of ice cream, and by the end of it, they'd have made a new flavor for us to discuss!

So, we don't need to ask what your favorite flavor is, we just recommend adding the proper sauce and toppings, along with the different combinations of ice cream flavors to include.

Anything with chocolate, in our opinion! Just make sure that you decide on a cone or a tub for the dessert.


Much like churros, this food is sent straight from the heavens and into our laps.

Waffles work perfectly with fresh fruit and some melted chocolate on top, which makes them perfect for trying different combinations!

We need to stress that these can get messy at times, so make sure that you have the appropriate bib or napkin to protect yourself from the splatters of sauce, ice cream, and chocolate ruining your clothes.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are simply too many forms and variations and forms of food to experience in one night, so we recommend trying something new every time you have a few drinks!

There are a lot of different avenues to walk down, whether you're a fan of spice, or whether you're a fan of something a bit sweeter.

Ultimately, we all have our comfort foods and they taste even better when you're drunk, so make sure you try lots of different things to expand your palette.

There's food for every occasion, so make sure you dress for the occasion!

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