The 5 Best Hunting Rain Gear Jackets To Keep You Dry

November 24, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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Rain gear is an essential component of any hunting apparel system. It is the kind of body armor you might not think about until you have to sit in what seems like a ruthless rainstorm, rethinking your life choices.

That is why you should be wise and look for the best hunting rain gear well before you embark on your hunting trip and come across all kinds of weather conditions and temperature changes.

In this article, we have 5 top options, each one distinguished from many others on the market for its exquisite features and efficiency in keeping you safe and protected in each case scenario.

So, if you are looking for the best hunting rain gear to purchase for your next venture, keep reading below for some top-of-the-line choices!

Best Overall - Sitka Jetstream Jacket

SITKA Gear Jetstream Jacket Optifade Subalpine Large

Sitka is the inaugural technological hunting attire most people try, and the brand's quality and efficiency win everyone over.

The Sitka Jetstream jacket is a softshell with a water-resistant but not waterproof Gore-Tex Infinium outer layer. It also comes with a hood, which is essential for every hunter.

The fleece inner layer keeps the jacket warm enough for early dawns and late nights while remaining breathable for intense trekking and hounding.

It might get you toasted, though, at midday in early-season hunting, but you can always wear it with a T-shirt whenever the sun shines.

It is a multi-functional midseason all-around jacket that is also comfortable to wear and smooth enough to overlay if necessary.

Because it has an athletic fit, you will be unable to add much under there. Check out Sitka's ultralight and thin Mountain Jackets if you tend to go hunting in warm temperatures and wish to sway lightweight.


  • Fleece inner layer
  • Lightweight
  • Midseason
  • Athletic fit


  • Too tight for thick sweaters to go under it
  • Costly

Best For Backcountry Hunting Trips - SITKA Dew Point

SITKA Gear Men's Dew Point Waterproof Lightweight Hunting Jacket, Optifade Subalpine, X-Large

The Dew Point rain system's packability is astounding, weighing only about 1.5 pounds, and taking up very little space in your rucksack.

When carrying a bag, the pocket/zipper location tends to mean that the waist belt and shoulder straps will not interfere with using the pocket or pit zippers.

For effortless on/off, the leg side zippers extend all the way to your waist from the ankle cuffs. When you want something to withstand those unexpected downpours, the Dew Point system is ideal for multi-day backcountry hunting trips.

However, if you intend to hunt in continuously rainy conditions, this is most likely not the greatest choice, but during turkey season, for example, it is great to wear for when the rain comes.

This jacket can keep you dry in case of a sudden downpour, and once the sun comes out again, it will be extremely breathable, leaving no room for sweat.

This rain gear might be lightweight, yet it is not sacrificing its longevity. So, do not let its weight and thickness trick you into thinking that it will be torn apart from a couple of bushes.

It is made from high-quality material, so rest assured that it is worth its money!


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to pack
  • Exceptionally Breathable
  • Side zippers with an opening that reaches your waist


  • Not long-lasting for daily use in constantly rainy areas

Best For Spotting And Stalking - SITKA Thunderhead

SITKA Gear Thunderhead Jacket Optifade Subalpine X Large

The SITKA Thunderhead's concept thrives at spot and stalk activities while also providing a couple of extra benefits.

First of all, and probably most importantly, its system is completely silent. It's also as tough as steel. Typically, you will not get both longevity and silence in the same piece of equipment.

Moreover, even when wearing a rucksack, it allows you to quickly access any of the features of the jacket.

Furthermore, this jacket is optimized so that it can be worn during the archery season and provide the desired warmth when you match it with a high-quality base layer.

Not only that, but it's also large enough for you to wear a thick baggy sweater under it. The Thunderhead Jacket has zip pockets as well as a drawstring hood. The wrist cuffs are also equipped with gussets.

With 1.5 pounds of weight, it is another lightweight jacket that's perfect for what it was designed for. Tough enough for rainy days, it guarantees a dry and silent experience for hunters.


  • Drawstring hood
  • Lightweight
  • Wrist cuffs with gussets


  • Can be a bit trickier to pack

Best For Treestand Hunts - Kryptek Koldo

Kryptek Koldo Rain Jacket, Highlander, Large

The mild nuanced characteristics of the Kryptek Koldo jacket can keep you snug and dry throughout those chilly, seemingly endless treestand stays.

It makes no difference how water-resistant your rain armor is if it cannot withstand a few brushes and limbs. What will amaze you with the Kryptek Koldo is its great construction, as this jacket was built to last.

In tense situations, the welded Bemis Seam Taped Waterproof zips and reinforced articulated elbows will not start ripping apart. You can even tighten up the hood over your ATV headgear to stop water from going into it.

Nevertheless, when not using a safety helmet, the hood can be very large, but provided you do not tightly grip it down, it is extremely comfortable.

Once the jacket has dried up, the incredibly tough garment can become a little loud, yet after sitting in the rain, the material becomes smoother and quieter. That is why it is great for treestand hunting.

Therefore, even if you're running or walking through branches and brush yourself on the way, the Kyrptek Koldo will ensure that you arrive there safely.


  • Exceptionally long-lasting
  • High-quality material
  • Hood big enough to accommodate a helmet


  • The hood might be too big when you're not wearing a helmet

Best For Active Hunting - Under Armour Men's Ridge Reaper Infil Windstopper Jacket

Under Armour mens Ridge Reaper Infil Windstopper Jacket , Ua Barren Camo (999)/Black , X-Large

Unsurprisingly, Under Armour produces athletic hunting attire that is ideal for active hunters and activities like stalking.

This jacket is great for mid to late season hunting trips in the West, providing perfect protection from air and yet maximum breathability that will prevent you from sweating when you're the most active.

The Gore Windstopper material has a DWR treatment although it isn't 100% waterproof. As it protects you from all the wind while allowing sweat to drain away effectively, it's ideal for rapid walkers who wish to get to their destination before the morning light.

The outer material has a distinct sensation: it is a solid but at the same time squidgy softshell fabric that stretches well as you move while remaining incredibly sturdy.

This isn't our top option for jamming through bushes when aiming for those birds up high, but it will still get you through many tricky spots without ruining the fabric.

With an athletic fit, go for a larger size if you want to wear something thick underneath, and don't forget to carry extra rain gear for the heavier rain.


  • Perfect fit
  • Breathable and sturdy material
  • Long-lasting


  • Not waterproof

Buyer's Guide

Now that we have shared with you the best hunting rain gear, it is time to answer some common questions you might have when it comes to buying the right rain gear for yourself.

How Much Money Will I Have To Spend On Rain Gear?

We believe it is best to invest as much money as you can without hiring a divorce lawyer.

The best way to figure out the answer to this is by first deciding the amount of money you are willing to spend and then doing a search to see what is available at that price.

In this article, we have provided you with the best rain gear for every situation. Therefore, now that you have this in front of you, you can choose whether you'll spend a bit more or less than you thought.

However, don't go way above your budget or requirements because something looks good.

A great rain jacket can cost you between 100-600 dollars, so check out the specifications of each one of them and go for the best one for your needs and wallet.

Which Is The Greatest Rain Gear Manufacturer?

The top manufacturer of rain gear will be the one that fits you best and the one whose jackets will be suitable for the place and conditions you need them for.

Therefore, the price of a jacket should not be the no.1 factor that will help you choose the best jacket for you. Discover and buy equipment that works for you, regardless of the manufacturer.

What Should I Look For In A Hunting Rain Gear?

Here are few key things to consider when purchasing any new rain gear.

Layering Strategy

Hunting jackets must be regarded as a component of the layering process. That appears to be more abstract than it is.

Layering—basically an apparel strategy that includes a base coat, various insulating material mid-layers, and a weather-resistant coating—is extremely important for hunters since it allows them to cope with a diverse variety of temperatures and environments in one day.

Even the common scenario of deer hunting can necessitate a vast selection of garments to make the hunter feel comfier for several possible situations, like the morning walk in the forest to waiting for hours in a treestand and feeling the strong winds on you.

A great layering means having a lambswool or synthetic fabric shirt as a base that is absorbent and resistant to moisture (though that could be the only thing you will be wearing in the early seasons in warmer regions.)

Warmth is added then by relatively thick wool or a synthetic mid-layer. Finally, the jacket comes on top as the final piece of coating.

The main objective for wearing a jacket – other than warmth – is to block the winds and protect you from the rain, in addition to the extra padding.

If you despise the thought of having to make up your personal layering, or if you hunt during a specific time of year that has a pretty consistent climate, you might wish to forego the versatility of a layering system in favor of a jacket that meets your hunting season's prerequisites.

Nonetheless, prefer going light in case you are unsure as you can always add an extra layer under your jacket.

On the contrary, your hands will be tied with a heavier jacket that you won't be able to take off when it's warmer as you won't be wearing enough underneath it.

Shell jackets are classified into two types: hard-shell and soft-shell. Hard-shell jackets are uniformly or nearly completely waterproof, with a waterproof and breathable layer jammed between stacks of the face cloth. Several come with padded lining.

Softshells might not always be completely waterproof, but they are 100% protective against winds and are water-resistant. A softshell is a wardrobe staple that could be worn like a mid-layer in certain scenarios.

Numerous hunting jackets, including many on this list, are softshells because they are extremely quiet and offer greater breathability while still offering quite a warmness.

Color Combinations And Designs

A detailed analysis of camo styles and colors is beyond the topic of our post, but it suffices to say that there aren't any patterns and styles you might think of that you won't be able to find on the market.

Fortunately, the vast majority of major hunting apparel brand names have several alternatives tailored to people's locations and hunting styles, regardless of whether it's for coastal wetland hunting or forest designs for wild animal backcountry hunters.

If camouflage is indeed essential for you, look for the pattern you want and then explore the relevant gear you can find on the market. Search for brands that also make pants for your camouflage to be uniform.

Several gamekeepers are unconcerned about camouflage and choose to rely on hiding and other methods of remaining undetected.

And in games like rangeland bird target shooting, in which you're constantly moving around wanting to find those birds in wide-open areas, you are clearly not striving to blend in.

In case any of these scenarios sound like one you will find yourself in, you have access to a significantly wider variety of apparel, which would include all outdoor jackets in general.


Nowadays, many advanced hunting jackets are made of modern materials, which suggests the use of multilayered exterior materials with a breathable weather-proof layer, like Gore-Tex.

Waterproof and breathable membranes, regardless of whether it is Gore-Tex or some other type, exist on a scale, with varying degrees of waterproofing and breathability.

If you are unlikely to be out for the game when it is rainy, you aren't going to need a completely waterproof jacket.

Numerous hunting jackets make use of Gore-Tex Infinium which is not 100% waterproof but offers more breathability, silence, and a better feel.

Due to the fact that several hunters bring extra rain gear and choose quieter, more moisture-wicking materials when regularly hunting, they can go for not 100% waterproof materials and bring out the rain gear only when the weather becomes truly severe.

If you like hunting in the Pacific Northwestern areas or some other extremely wet areas, a waterproof jacket should be a top priority.

Other than looking for 100% waterproof jackets, find the right durable water repellent (DWR) protective layer that will help you with beading and rolling water of the outer fabric instead of soaking it, something that would render the jacket less breathable.

A DWR surface will become less efficient over the years as it is a coating. Therefore, make sure to refresh it regularly with things such as Nikwax's TX Direct.

Cotton should be the only material to forgo. Cotton, as the adage goes, "kills," since it easily and quickly gets wet, and moisture is capable of transmitting temperature more quickly and effectively than air. Keeping dry means keeping warm.


Another thing you should keep in mind is that you will be wearing more than one layer, so you certainly don't want to carry too much weight on you only from your clothing.

When looking for the perfect rain gear, seek durable jackets and ones that will keep you warm, but also aim for lightweight ones.

Of course, you should not go for a simple and extremely thin jacket simply because it will weigh only a few grams.

In addition to that, when hunting in regions with extreme weather, carrying a heavier jacket that will, however, provide you with the best insulation possible is more important.

Nevertheless, if you hunt in areas with mild temperatures and weather phenomena, then going light is the best option for an optimal hunting experience.

The Bottom Line

This article has the 5 best hunting raingear jackets you can find on the market today. Each one of them is perfect for a different style or type of hunting, yet they all provide you with exactly what you need to survive and hunt the way you want to.

So, depending on your style, budget, and needs, choose either one of the above pieces of rain gear and we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with your choice!

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