The 5 Best Light Roast Coffee Options That Aren't Bitter

February 2, 2023
by Dan Skewes

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There are many people out there who love nothing more than a cup of coffee to wake them up in the morning.

However, there are also people out there who claim to hate coffee, believing it to be too bitter. 

While it is true that coffee can be bitter, its flavor largely depends on the type of coffee beans you choose: light, medium, or dark.

These different ways of roasting coffee beans result in different flavors and different levels of acidity, or, “bitterness.”

Light roast coffee beans are the least bitter of the three. So, if you don’t like coffee because of its acidity levels, then these may be the coffee beans for you. 

But which light roast beans are the best? There are many to choose from out there, so it can be difficult to narrow down the brands that are going to give you the perfect cup of joe.

Luckily, we are here to help!

In this article, we have listed 5 of the best light roast coffees, their pros and cons, and a buyer’s guide on what to look for when it comes to outstanding, light roast coffee.

If you’re interested, read on for more! 

Best Light Roast Coffee

1. Caribou Light Roast Coffee

Caribou Coffee, Light Roast Ground Coffee - Daybreak Morning Blend 20 Ounce Bag

First on our list is Caribou light roast coffee! There is 20 oz of light roast, ground coffee in one bag.

The flavor of the coffee itself is called the “Daybreak blend” and is filled with notes of caramel and fruit with a delicious, nutty finish.

Even if there’s no sunshine in your day, you can taste it with every mouthful of this delicious ground coffee. 

Caribou ground coffee is made using Rainforest Alliance-certified ingredients, so you know these are ingredients of quality.

These Arabica coffee beans are roasted in small batches and then packed by hand in Minneapolis.

It is also Climate Pledge Friendly, which almost guarantees every sip will be guilt-free.

The best way to enjoy this coffee is to pour it in your Chemex. It is best to use two spoonfuls of coffee for every cup.

This way, you will get the perfect coffee-to-water ratio for the ultimate sweet morning wake-up call.

Pros Of Caribou Light Roast Coffee

  • Quality, RainforestAlliance coffee
  • Climate Pledge Friendly
  • Small-batch roasted to emphasize the coffee’s unique flavor profile 

Cons Of Caribou Light Roast Coffee

  • Reports that the bag arrives damaged, resulting in stale coffee. 

2. AmazonFresh Light Roast Coffee

AmazonFresh Just Bright Ground Coffee, Light Roast, 12 Ounce

Next, we have AmazonFresh light roast coffee! This light roast coffee product contains 12 oz of coffee.

The flavor of this ground coffee, entitled “Just Bright” is clean and crisp, perfect for those mornings when the last thing you want to do is get up and go to work.

This coffee will give you one of your most productive days that week thanks to its caramel and nut undertones. 

AmazonFresh light roast coffee is also roasted in single batches so you can really taste the unique flavor profile of every single coffee bean.

The beans themselves are packed as soon as they have been roasted, so they are fresh and of the best quality to allow for an amazing coffee-drinking experience. 

But best of all?

If in the unlikely scenario, you are not satisfied with the product, then you will receive a full refund provided that you request the refund within a year of purchasing the coffee.

Now that’s customer service! 

Pros Of AmazonFresh Light Roast Coffee

  • Packaged as soon as the coffee has been roasted to maximize freshness and taste
  • Roasted in single batches
  • Climate Pledge friendly 

Cons Of AmazonFresh Light Roast Coffee

  • Even for light roast, this coffee can taste a little bitter

3. Maxwell House Master Blend Light Roast Coffee

Maxwell House Master Blend Light Roast Ground Coffee (26.8 oz Canister)

Maxwell House has been making amazing-tasting coffee for over 125 years, and this Master Blend light roast coffee is no different.

This product is ground coffee with 26.8 oz of tasty light roast coffee.

This coffee is very smooth and mellow, perfect for washing down your breakfast and getting a great start to the day. 

This coffee pairs wonderfully with the Maxwell House International Cafe creamer and sugar, but it also tastes amazing black!

It is best to use 1 tablespoon of coffee for every cup of water, around 6 oz.

If you have an automatic drip brewer, then this is the coffee for you!

These are 100% real coffee beans that are Certified Kosher. To keep this coffee fresh, it comes in a resealable packet. 

Pros Of Maxwell House Master Blend Light Roast Coffee 

  • Comes in a resealable packet to keep the coffee fresh
  • Certified Kosher coffee
  • Tastes amazing with creamer and sugar or just as it comes

Cons Of Maxwell House Master Blend Light Roast Coffee

  • This coffee is not instant and you need a coffee maker to be able to use it
  • Reports that the coffee smells bad when you open the packaging

4. Lavazza Organic Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza Organic Tierra! Whole Bean Coffee Blend,Light Roast,Premium Arabica,USDA/Canada Organic,UTZ & Euro Leaf Organic certified;100% sustainably grown,2.2 Pound (Pack of 1)-package May Vary

If you want a light roast coffee product that doesn’t include ground coffee, then you’re in luck! This Lavazza product contains 2.2 lbs of organic coffee beans.

These beans are certified organic by the USDA, Canada Organic, and UTZ & Euro Leaf Organic.

The result is delectable, Arabica Blended coffee with notes of chocolate, malt, and tasty honey. 

Not only that, but these light roast coffee beans are hand-picked, meaning they are the ripest coffee cherries.

So, you know that every cup of coffee you make will be of amazing quality. These coffee beans are also blended in Italy.

They are perfect if you enjoy an espresso in the morning, but they also taste great when used in the coffee maker to make all kinds of different coffees. 

Additionally, it is good to know that you can enjoy this coffee knowing that it is Rainforest Alliance approved!

This means that it is sustainable and promotes economic sustainability, social equity, and environmental responsibility. That’s coffee everyone can love.

Pros Of Lavazza Organic Whole Bean Coffee Blend

  • USDA, Canada Organic, and UTZ & Euro Leaf Organic certified 
  • Rainforest Alliance approved
  • Perfect if you love espresso 

Cons Of Lavazza Organic Whole Bean Coffee Blend

  • Reports that rocks have been found amongst the coffee beans 
  • Reports that the beans arrived stale and oily

5. Lifeboost Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee - Low Acid Single Origin Usda Organic Coffee Beans - Non-Gmo Light Roast Coffee Beans Third Party Tested For Mycotoxins & Pesticides - 12 Ounces

Last but not least are these tasty Lifeboost light roast whole coffee beans! This is a company that truly cares about its coffee.

All of their beans are sourced ethically. The coffee is non-GMO and low in acid.

Not only that, but they truly care about the process the beans go through before they are ground and poured into your favorite coffee cup. 

Every bean is bird-friendly and grown on farms in Central America exclusive to the company.

These hand-picked coffee beans from Lifeboost are sun-dried and washed in spring water. This results in coffee beans that are natural and pure.

Then, the beans are tested by a third party to ensure they are free of toxins such as pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.

Lifeboost works hard to be a brand that provides natural coffee beans that you can trust. 

The result is a delicious, smooth cup of coffee that you’ll choose over store-bought coffee any day of the week!

Best of all, if you don’t like these coffee beans then you can get your money back as long as you request it within 30 days of buying the product.

Pros Of Lifeboost Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee

  • Ethically sourced, organic, hand-picked coffee beans that ensure quality 
  • Third-party tested
  • Money-back if you do not like the coffee (request within 30 days)

Cons Of Lifeboost Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee

  • Reports that this coffee tastes too mild, even for a light roast coffee
  • “Use-by” date difficult to read
variety of coffee beans for the best light roast coffee

Light Roast Coffee: Buyer’s Guide

To help you choose the right light roast, we have put together this handy buyer’s guide! 

The Origin Of Your Coffee Beans

First of all, it is important to understand where your coffee beans come from before you buy them.

The taste and quality of your coffee beans are going to be impacted by the soil climate and processing methods. This is especially true of light roast coffee. 

This is because light roast coffee is roasted for the shortest period of time. Not only that, but these beans are roasted at a lower temperature compared to medium or dark-roast coffee.

Therefore, they retain more of their flavor, and you will be able to taste it more in your coffee. 

So, it is important to understand coffee terms to know where your coffee comes from.

For example, it is good to know that “single-origin” coffee means that your coffee has been grown and processed in one location.

Meanwhile, coffee “blends” means that the product contains single-origin coffee beans from a variety of different places. 

These different kinds of light-roast coffees will have different flavors, so it’s important to understand these differences so you know which type is best for you.

For example, Coffee beans grown in Mexico are known for their nutty and chocolate flavors. African beans are known to be earthy, floral, and fruity. 

Meanwhile, South American beans are mild and aromatic, Columbian coffee beans are full of caramel, fruit, and chocolate flavors, and coffee beans from Indonesia are said to have more intense spicy flavors.

You will be able to taste all of these individual flavors well with light roast coffee beans. 

It is best to work out which flavors you like best and then if you prefer single-origin or blended coffee, and you will find the product perfect for you!

Whole Bean VS Ground Coffee

Neither one is better than the other, but one may work better for you. It all comes down to your preferences. 

Ground coffee beans are the more convenient choice. They’re perfect if you’re having a busy morning and do not have time to grind coffee beans yourself.

However, whole coffee beans that you grind yourself result in a fresher, sweeter brew you’ll be glad you got up earlier for. 

The type you choose depends on how much time you have to make coffee and how much effort you have to spare.

Either way, your coffee is going to taste delicious!

How The Beans Are Stored

Light roast coffee beans are very susceptible to light, moisture, and air. So, they need to be stored in an airtight container that no light can get through.

This storage bag needs to be stored at room temperature, or else you risk changing the flavor profile of the coffee. 

The best light roast coffee products have canisters that feature an airtight seal.

So, if you care about the longevity of your coffee beans, it is best to invest in products that come with these canisters. 

Sustainability Efforts Of The Company

There are many coffee brands out there that make an effort to ensure their coffee is grown and sourced as ethically as possible.

These brands are usually labeled as Climate Pledge friendly and RainforestAlliance certified.

So, try to invest in brands that have these labels and you know you are drinking a cup of coffee that is guilt-free. 

Third-Party Testing Of The Beans

Some light roast coffee products have gone through a third-party testing process which ensures that they are free of various toxins, such as pesticides and mycotoxins.

So, if you want your coffee to be 100% organic, check out coffee brands that clearly state their beans are tested by a third party. 

Freezing The Coffee

If you want your coffee to taste good, then it needs to be fresh.

So,  no matter what kind of light roast coffee product you buy, you need to ensure that you will be able to finish it while it is still fresh.

If not, you need to be able to ensure you can freeze it. 

Coffee is best enjoyed fresh because it is hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs odors and moisture from its surroundings.

This means that oils are pushed to the surface of the bean, and the original flavor of the coffee becomes off-tasting and unpleasant. 

However, if you can freeze your light roast coffee, this means you can keep it for a longer period, and it will still retain its freshness.

So, find a brand that is suitable for freezing, and then split the coffee up into small batches. Seal the airtight bags and then place them in the freezer.

Then, whenever you want a cup of joe, allow the beans to thaw until room temperature and pour yourself a cup! 

The Type Of Light Roasting

Light roast coffee can actually be light-roasted in three different ways: Scandinavian Roast, New England Roast, and City Roast. 

Scandinavian Roast

The Scandinavian roast is also called the cinnamon roast, and this is the lightest type of roasting the coffee beans will go through.

This results in lightly-colored beans and a weaker coffee. 

New England Roast

Also known as the American roast, coffee beans roasted with this method in mind are roasted until they begin to crack.

At this point, the natural oil inside the coffee bean has just begun to flow, and the bean becomes light brown in color.

City Roast

City roast coffee beans are roasted beyond their initial crack but stopped right before they crack for the second time.

This results in light roast beans that are darker in color and have a strong aroma. This is the type of light roasting with the lowest levels of acidity.


Some coffee brands offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the light roast coffee beans or ground coffee after a certain period.

So, it is worth looking for brands that offer this, particularly if you are not a huge fan of coffee or have never tried light roast coffee before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about light roast coffee in specific.

Is Light Roast Coffee Bad For You?

No, light roast coffee is not bad for you. In fact, the opposite is true!

Light roast coffee is actually great for your health because it helps to fight against cell damage and inflammation. 

However, it is important to note that too much of anything can be a bad thing. So, always have your coffee in moderation,  no matter the roast!

Which Roast Coffee Is The Healthiest?

When comparing light and dark coffee roasts, it was found that light roast coffee has more health benefits.

However, light-roast coffee contains more caffeine than dark-roast coffee. So, what you drink comes down to personal preference.

How Acidic Is Light Roast Coffee?

Light roast coffee is less acidic than dark roast coffee and is therefore less bitter.

It is enjoyed by those who do not like the bitter taste of coffee and would prefer something milder.

However, light roast coffee can actually be heavier on your stomach than dark roast coffee. This is because it produces hydrochloric acid. 

Final Thoughts

Light roast coffee is the mildest kind of coffee out there.

So, if you are not a fan of bitter coffee or want to try something new, check out these brands and our buyer’s guide on what to look for to get the perfect light roast!

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