The 5 Best Musky Lures For Catching Fish

September 13, 2022
by Dan Skewes
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When an angler enters a musky store, they are greeted by rows upon rows of strange-looking lures that vary in size, shape, and color. 

There are many different musky baits, ranging from giant rubber swimmers with several tails to things that look like giant bass.

An eager angler could spend a lot of time and money at a tackle shop, but they might not pick the correct lures to use if they are not aware of what these kinds of lures are actually used for.

With so many musky lures out there, the number of options can be a bit overwhelming. If you don't know where to begin with this kind of lure, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will show you the top 5 best musky lures to use on your next fishing trip, as well as explain to you when is the best time to use this kind of lure on your fishing expeditions. 

Here are the very best musky lures that you should add to your tackle box. 

Chaos Tackle Posseidon

Posseidon 10 Chaos Tackle The Flamethrower Musky Pike Lure Muskie Bait Lures Swim Bait Bull Dawg

The entire body of this enormous paddle tail wobbles like a crankbait, but what; 's even more impressive is that the head moves independently from the massive paddle tail.

This gives the bait a distinctive movement that makes it more unique from other options on the market. 

Because you will, for the most part, be fishing this bait with a straight retrieve, it is very user-friendly for novice anglers who are interested in giving musky fishing a shot.

A good tactic to use is to carry out a quick burn and then halt in such a way that the bait will dart to the side. This will frequently prompt the fish to bite with great force. 

Anglers have the ability to fish in a range of depths thanks to this bait, which may be swiftly retrieved in shallow water or slowly rolled in deeper water.

This allows anglers the chance to catch fish in a wide variety of environments. 

Although it is successful at all times of the year, anglers believe that the Posseidon is one of the most effective musky lures during the fall.

The Posseidon is a good choice of lure for the time of year when fish are often feeding extensively, which is typically in the late fall and all throughout the winter.

Comes in a wide range of colors, including perch, white, Eal pout, and more, this is a lure that suits any fishing scenario that you may find yourself in. 


  • Ideal for beginners - this lure is great for novices who want to get into the fishing game as it is very simple to use, and also comes pre-rigged, so you can get to fishing must faster
  • Versatile - the Possiden can be used in a variety of water depths, meaning that you able to go fishing in many different environments


  • Not weedless - as this lure is not weedless, there is a chance that it could get caught on weeds and other plant life in the water

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Chaos Tackle Medussa

Chaos Tackle Mid Medussa - 11'- 4.25 oz Size: No Size Sucker

The Medussa is a versatile rubber bait that has been shown to be effective in enticing huge muskies to the nets of fishermen all across the country.

This bait has rapidly become a go-to pick among a broad variety of other huge rubber lures since there are so many different ways to fish with it. 

You will be able to catch fish by retrieving this bait from the grass, popping it out to a deeper depth, sweeping it, straight-retrieving it, and slow-rolling it.

Because of the triple tail that is attached to this bait, it has a lot of energy and vibrates quite a bit. This assists in gaining the fish's attention, which is necessary for a successful bite. 

The Medussa is offered in a total of eight different sizes, ranging from the little Medussa to the monster Medussa, which is designed for those who want to catch the biggest fish that they can.

The small Medussa is the most common option.

This bait comes in many designs, including the Black and Orange pattern, the Lemontail design, the White pattern, the Sucker pattern, the Custom Fire Walleye pattern, the FireTiger pattern, and the Cisco pattern. 

This bait may be used for fishing at any time of the year due to the fact that it is available in a variety of different sizes, so you can change the bait with the seasons. 


  • Versatile - coming in many sizes and colors, this bait can be used to catch a high variety of fish, and you can change the bait with the seasons so you are able to fish more successfully
  • Good vibration - vibration is one of the key aspects that draw the fish's attention. This bait is able to vibrate very well in the water, so you should have many fish biting on your lure


  • Not weedless - this means that this lure will get easily snagged on any plants that are in the water

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Llungen Lures .22

Llungen Lures .22

This small crankbait is widely regarded as one of, if not the very best, cranks that can be purchased on the market specifically targeting muskies.

In addition to being an excellent casting bait, it is one of the best musky crankbaits to use when you want to cover water with your trolling engine.

When muskies are located in areas with laydowns or rock piles, a great strategy to use for catching fish is to aggressively bump this bait against the cover and pull apart the structure.

This will make it possible for you to catch a greater number of fish. 

Because of its characteristic bobbing and it's the perfect size for a "snack," these fish will grab the bait quickly once they have noticed it. 

This crank may also be purchased with a square bill and in a size that is 0.22 inches long. This was done so that anglers could choose from a wider range of sizes and depths.

This crankbait can be fished throughout the year, but it performs best from early spring through early summer when fish are eating bait that is a bit smaller and is feeding in shallower water.

The color patterns that are the most popular are Canadian Crush, Black Perch, Lemonhead, Walleye 2.0, and Brushed Perch. 

The most efficient way to cover a big area of water in a single day is to use trolling, which also provides the most opportunities for catching fish.

The 22 Short is one of the most successful lures for muskies when it comes to trolling. It also has the capacity to be cast, which not only enhances its versatility but also its effectiveness.


  • Ideal size to get the most bites - this bait looks like the perfect small snack to a fish, so you should get loads of bites once they notice this lure bobbing in the water
  • Suitable for shallow or deep water - this bait can be used in water as deep as 16 feet, or as shallow as 6 feet


  • Not weedless - a common problem with baits like this, it can be very annoying when they get stuck in the weeds in the water
  • Can catch other fish - if you only want to target muskies then you may be surprised when you get a bite and reel in a completely different fish. This is because many other types of fish find this lure attractive as well

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Bitten Tackle Creeper

Bitten Tackle Creeper

This slower-paced creeper delivers a distinct sound that muskies typically can't resist.

It is quite easy to fish with the Bitten Tackle Creeper, and anglers won't get tired out as quickly fishing with this bait because it takes a much slower retrieve.

As a result of the ease with which it may be fished, the lengthy clackers have more time to accomplish their job of gradually driving the fish crazy to the point where they will eat them.

It is one of the most effective surface lures designed to catch musky.

When the water temperature is at least 60 degrees, topwater baits usually perform well from the end of spring to the beginning of October.

You can still find some success when fishing on cloudier days, but they are most effective as dawn and dusk baits in any weather.

The black-and-orange and duck motifs are the most popular options for anglers.


  • Unique sound - this lure makes a very specific sound that muskies cannot resist, which means you'll get even more bites
  • Easy to use - anglers won't get tired of using this lure, meaning that they can keep fishing for longer


  • Not that successful in summer - this is not a lure that is successful all year round, but for spring and early fall it works very well

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Spanky Baits 89 FireBomb BuckTail

Spanky Baits 89 FireBomb BuckTail

The Spanky Baits 89 has shown to be the most successful bucktail lure of any that you can buy today.

The use of a mag 8 blade along with a Colorado size 8 blade gives the bait a one-of-a-kind staggered vibration that fish do not often come into contact with on a regular basis, making it more intriguing for them.

This specific search bait is user-friendly due to its regular straight retrieve, making it one of the most effective search baits to use when seeking to get rid of water.

Burning blades, on the other hand, can become tedious to use over time.

When you want to infuse your bait with a little bit more life, you can include a huge grub tail in the mix. This will help you to catch more fish. 

In terms of the colors, bluegill, black/gold smoke, napalm perch, and black smoke are some of the customer's favorites.

Blades may be used for fishing throughout the year, and it is possible to catch fish on them even when the water temperature is below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

However, they function most effectively when the water temperature is between the mid-60s and the low-70s.

This is a great bait for going through the water simply and quickly in a straight line as it travels through the water.


  • Very easy to use - this is a very good lure for beginners to use as it is pretty simple to get the hang of. Anglers with more experience also love it as it does not tire them out as they use it
  • Good vibration - this will attract even more muskies to your location


  • May make the fish tired - the fish may struggle to bite onto the lure because of its vibrations, and this can wear them out quickly. This might make them let go and swim away

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Best Musky Lures - Buyers Guide 

If you want to reel in a trophy musky, you can't just stroll into any old tackle shop in your area, grab any old bait off the shelf, and expect to be successful in catching the massive fish.

You need to go into it with a plan, and it is essential to know what sorts of lures will offer you the maximum possibility of catching a fish. 

When choosing a lure for the purpose of catching muskies, there are many factors that you need to think about.

As there are so many musky lures on the market though, you can buy a few different ones to see what works best for your fishing style and the area that you are fishing in. 

Here are the things that you need to think about when buying a musky lure. 

The Water Conditions

When you are angling for a prize musky, it is crucial to select a lure that is suitable for the circumstances of the water you will be fishing in.

When fishing in water that is cloudy or muddy, it is important to select a lure that is brightly colored and visually appealing in order to capture the attention of the fish.

An eye-catching metallic finish that has at least a little amount of shine when the light peeps through the clouds is the best option in this scenario.  

You may want to use a more earthy tone to imitate the surrounding species that the musky hunts if you fish in rivers that are more translucent.

This will increase your chances of catching a musky. When you decorate with warm colors like brown, orange, and green, it will give the impression of the lure being both natural and friendly.

Size Of The Lure

When you consider that musky are enormous, top-tier predators, you would question why they would bother trying to devour a single bite when they are perfectly capable of feasting themselves on most of the fish in their habitat. 

If you go fishing on the lake with a teeny-tiny piece of bait at the end of your line, you should get ready for a day that will be filled with a lot of aggravation.

If you are armed with the necessary musky rod and a reel that is up to the task, you will be able to throw massive lures that will pique the interest of the fish.

If you are not armed with the appropriate equipment, you will not be successful in catching musky

Depth Of The Lure

When you go fishing for muskies, you can choose to fish with deep divers or topwater lures. Both methods are effective.

Muskies are highly antagonistic, and as a result, they will attempt to grab a bite out of nearly any bait that is moving around in their proximity in order to satisfy their hunger. 

You must keep in mind, however, that there will be situations in which you will want to think about topwater, and other situations in which you will want to think about diving a bit deeper. 

During the hotter months of the year, fish have a propensity to go further down into the depths of the water to stay cool.

When this occurs, it is time to draw out lures that are capable of reaching the required depths in order to catch fish. 

On the other hand, when the weather outside is colder, fish will swim closer to the surface of the water in an effort to avoid freezing temperatures.

This behavior is observed throughout the winter months.

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