Buffalo Trace Review- Bourbon Worth the Hype?

July 14, 2022
by Dan Skewes

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Do you have a hard time choosing which bourbon to pick off the shelf?

Buffalo Trace is a great addition to your liquor cabinet and a great all-around drink!

Read on for our full Buffalo Trace review to decide if it's the right bourbon for you.

What Is Buffalo Trace?

Buffalo Trace is a type of bourbon whiskey. Want to know how to recognize it? Look for the buffalo on the label!

Buffalo Trace was originally known as Old Fire Copper Distillery.

It is an American bourbon that really encompasses the history of American bourbon.

Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Junior established the Old Fire Copper distillery in 1869.

Since then, the brand has gone through a lot and has been sold on a few times in the brand's lifetime.

During Prohibition in America, it was one of the few whiskey distilleries that were allowed to continue to produce whiskey for medicinal purposes.

It then continued under this name until around 1992, when it was sold most recently and renamed as Buffalo Trace.

When Taylor first discovered bourbon whiskey, he used lots of great marketing tools, which is believed to be the reason that the whiskey has been so successful throughout. 

The name Buffalo Trace comes from the belief that the distillery was built on the Kentucky River on an ancient Buffalo crossing. 

Buffalo Trace is the oldest distillery in the United States and has been continuously operating.

You can really see so much of America’s bourbon history in the journey of this company.

This distillery has won lots of awards, including the North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition. 

How Is Buffalo Trace Made?

Buffalo Trace is made in Kentucky in the Buffalo Trace Distillery where it is both distilled and bottled.

The distillery that it is made on is 130 acres wide - that’s a lot of whiskey!

What Is The Best Way To Drink Buffalo Trace Whiskey? 

Buffalo Trace Review

There are many ways to drink Buffalo Trace Bourbon and every way you drink it; you can really see that it is a quality drink.

Enjoy the whiskey in the following ways:

  • Pour a glass neat and drink it with ice. 
  • Add a splash of water to bring out the flavors. 
  • Add a mixer to the drink - club soda and ginger ale both work well! 

For many whiskey drinkers, mixing a bourbon with a mixer is a crime.

However, if you enjoy the taste, don’t hesitate to enjoy it this way.

Buffalo Trace works in both ways, which is why it is such a great drink.

This leads me on to a review of the drink! Read on to learn more. 

The Review


As explained above, Buffalo Trace is a very versatile drink.

You really can enjoy it both straight and with a mixer.

While some mixers can mask the taste, the Buffalo Trace is best with club soda or ginger ale, as this doesn’t mask the great taste of the whiskey too much.

The whiskey is also great neat with some ice.


Buffalo Trace is a very affordable drink.

Often, bourbons and whiskeys are hard to enjoy both neat and with a mixer, as the flavors don’t compliment a certain way of enjoying the drink.


The smell of Buffalo Trace bourbon is one of its best features. It has a great aroma of vanilla, honey and caramel.

It is balanced and really enticing as a drink.

In my opinion, usually, the smell of bourbon is not the best thing about it, but with Buffalo Trace, it really is one of the main draws.

The product mixes sweetness with an earthy smell for an all-around crowd-pleasing smell. 

The smell of the bourbon whiskey, it gets you hooked on the whiskey from the first second.

Maybe this is why it has been so successful for so long! 


The bourbon itself is a deep color. It looks great in a whiskey glass on ice!

The bottle looks very appealing and it looks great in your liquor cabinet.

The clear label has a shaded buffalo on the front, a very powerful image which is a really great marketing tool.

This is what looks so great in your liquor cabinet. It also reminds you of the name of the brand.

When you catch a glimpse of the Buffalo, you think of Buffalo Trace. 


Arguably the most important part of the whiskey is the taste.

Like the smell, you can really taste the vanilla when you drink the whiskey. It is very easy to drink for those who are just starting to drink bourbon. 

Buffalo trace is not the most unique tasting bourbon, but I also don’t think that this is something that Buffalo Trace is attempting to do.

They have created a very solid product that is great value for money.

While it is quite basic, it has a very solid and reliable flavor and is very enjoyable to drink.

There are loads of different flavors seeping through when you enjoy the drink, with oak and toffee being some of the most prominent. 


The aftertaste of the bourbon is even better than the taste!

The aftertaste is similar to the smell of the product, leaving an earthy yet sweet taste in their mouth.

You won’t be disappointed with the aftertaste of this product; it leaves you satisfied and happy. 

Alcohol Content 

Buffalo Trace has around a 45 percent alcohol content.

In America, under the bourbon production laws, bourbon must have a minimum of 40 percent ABV.

Buffalo Trace gets some brownie points for being over this aim, as many people think this improves the taste. 


Buffalo Trace whiskey is aged to at least 8 years, but some say it is aged 10 years.

Whiskey has to be aged at least 4 years, but many people believe that the longer they are aged, the better.

Buffalo Trace gets some brownie points for the length of aging. 

Possible Bourbon Cocktails 

Buffalo Trace Review

There are so many cocktail options for bourbon drinkers. You may not be a neat bourbon drinker, and that’s okay!

Bourbon is made to be enjoyed, and you can enjoy it in any way you like!

Try some of these bourbon cocktails to enjoy the Buffalo Trace bourbon in a different light!

  1. The Old-Fashioned is a very popular cocktail for bourbon drinkers. Simply mix the bourbon with sugar and orange, and soda. You’ve probably heard of the old-fashioned, and it is definitely worth a try! 
  2. A Manhattan is another one you’ve probably heard of. It is similar to a gin martini. All you have to do is replace the gin with some bourbon or whiskey! You need to add the vermouth and bitter, and you have a Manhattan! Bourbon is the popular choice for this cocktail, rather than whiskey. 
  3. A Bourbon Side-Car is a great cocktail to make with your bourbon. Usually, a sidecar is made with brandy. However the bourbon sidecar is made with… bourbon! Add your bourbon to some lemon juice and some orange-flavored triple sec, and you have a bourbon side car! Add a sugar rim to give it a sweet taste, making it look very classy!

The Verdict? 

Buffalo Trace is an all-around winner for me. It is great value for money when considering the fantastic product you are getting.

With a great taste, a great smell and great aesthetics, the Bourbon is a fantastic product that you will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish!

Customer service of Buffalo Trace bourbon is great, so if you have any questions get in contact with them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are a few FAQs when it comes to bourbon.

What Is The Difference Between Bourbon And Whiskey? 

The difference between bourbon and whiskey is the amount of corn that it is made with.

Whiskey is made with barley, rye, wheat or corn, whereas bourbon must be at least 51% corn.

Because of this, bourbon is often much sweeter than whiskey, and it is much smokier.

Bourbon is a type of whiskey. It is only made in America. 

Does Whiskey Age While In The Bottle? 

Whiskey doesn’t age in the bottle - unlike wine. If you have a 10-year-old whiskey, it remains 10 years old no matter how long you keep it for.

Whiskey will not improve or age the longer it is left in the bottle, but it also will not deteriorate if it is kept in the correct conditions for keeping it well.

How Is Bourbon Aged?

Bourbon is asked in wood caskets. These are white oak barrels which are charred.

The barrels mean the bourbon has a nutty flavor. The reason they are charred is to give the bourbon a smoky flavor. 

Final Thoughts 

Buffalo Trace is a winner. From the moment you pick up the bottle to the moment it hits your lips and trickles down your throat, you will be happy with your choice!

There really is no downside with this drink, and the history behind it only adds to the appeal.

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