Honest Cangshan Knives Review [And Our Top 4 Favorites]

October 25, 2022
by Dan Skewes

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There are numerous high-quality knife brands on the market, which makes it difficult to determine which brand is best suited to your needs.

Whilst you will find a plethora of knife brands that charge extortionate prices for their products, it is hard to find a brand that provides low-cost knives that are of the highest quality.

Fortunately, Cangshan Cutlery prides itself on making the highest quality knives.

Whilst many of their finest knives are affordable, there are some knives within their collection that are undoubtedly better than others.

This article will discuss these in more detail. Keep reading our full Cangshan knives review and our top 4 knife picks.

Overview Of Cangshan Knives

This cutlery brand derives its name from a mountain situated in Southern China. This mountain also shares its name with the city where the company’s founder, Henry Liu, was born and raised in.

Henry also started another company over a decade ago, which has received some success.

However, his hunger for more led him to move to the United States, where he was unable to implement his skillset as a manufacturer that only delivers the highest quality products.

Thus, he moved back to China and found an incredible business partner with who he formed the Cangshan Cutlery company alongside.

The company is based in Yangjiang, China. Since its inception, it has received numerous awards for the high quality and performance of its cutlery.

This company is also renowned for producing cutlery that is designed beautifully, boasting several gourmet retailers as its clients.

How Are Cangshan Knives Made?

Cangshan knives are crafted from three different types of steel.

These include high-alloy Swedish steel, high-alloy German steel, and high-carbon Japanese steel.

Each of these different types of steel provides individual advantages that allow the company to produce numerous high-quality and efficient knives for specific requirements.

For example, the use of German steel is for the knives that are the most durable without becoming brittle.

All of the knives that are made from German steel also come with a Rockwell rating of 58 on average.

Additionally, they are known for being utterly stain-resistant.

The knives that are made from Japanese steel are harder than their German counterparts. They also have a Rockwell rating of 60.

Further to this, the Japanese blades are crafted with Damascus patterns that are created through folded layers of steel.

This provides a stunning aesthetic that ensures that food is able to easily slide off the side of the knife.

However, these blades tend to be far more brittle than their German counterparts.

Finally, the knives that are crafted from Swedish steel perfectly balance the previous two blades.

They are made with incredibly sharp edges that are retained for five times longer than their competitor knives.

They also have a sturdy Rockwell rating of 60. Asides from these blade types, Cangshan also creates the wooden handles for their products.

The wood that they use ranges from walnut, ash wood, Acacia, and African Blackwood.

Is There A Warranty?

Yes, all Cangshan knives come with a lifetime warranty.

If you provide them with a picture of your faulty product, they will either replace or repair your product as long as the issue arrives from a manufacturing or shipping defect.

This provides the utmost assurance to their customers and ensures that you are getting the highest level of service for your money.

Some of the best Cangshan knives include the following products:

Cangshan S1 Series 17-Piece Knife Block Set

Cangshan S1 Series 1022599 German Steel Forged 17-Piece Knife Block Set, Walnut

If you are looking to purchase a set of knives as opposed to a single blade, then you should definitely opt for this 17-piece knife set.

This set has every blade that you could possibly imagine, and it also comes with a walnut wooden knife block for storage purposes.

There is also a specific spot designated for each blade within the collection, which makes the organization of your blades far easier.

You all receive a full set of kitchen knives in the purchase that includes products like a bread knife, a boning knife, steak knives, a chef’s knife, and more.

Each of these blades consists of German steel that has a Rockwell rating of 58.

They are also sharpened appropriately throughout the set.

These knives boast ergonomic handles that ensure that you can hold onto them comfortably with a firm and sturdy grip.

You will also receive kitchen scissors with this set to help you complete other tasks.

Whilst it may be a more costly upfront purchase, it is undoubtedly worth your while to invest in this knife set when considering its overall productivity and value


  • Comes with kitchen scissors.
  • Includes a range of knives.
  • Durable steel and ergonomic handles.
  • Well organized knife block that looks brilliant.


  • More costly than other products.

Cangshan D Series German Steel Forged Chef’s Knife

Cangshan D Series 59120 German Steel Forged Chef's Knife, 8-Inch

The knife is crafted using German steel, and features a sturdy Rockwell rating of 58.

The knives included in this set are made using full tang, which ensures that the metal extends beyond the butt of the handle.

This design is commonly used in Western knives and provides an appropriate amount of balance for preparation purposes.

The weight of these knives is also higher in comparison to knives that consist of Japanese steel.

The blade has a super-sharp edge that is based on Asian forging traditions.

Consequently, it is a reliable and brilliant chef’s knife that is ideal for slicing and chopping ingredients.

Further to this, the knife’s handle boasts an ergonomic curve that makes it super easy to grip and hold on to.

A slight bolstering of the blade ensures that your fingers are protected from slipping onto the knife’s edge.

This product is also super-affordable. It is a great product to purchase if you want to own a high-quality, versatile blade that is perfect for everyday usage without needing to spend a great deal.


  • Can also be purchased in a set.
  • Made with the finest steel.
  • Bolstering protects your fingers from slipping onto the edge.
  • Well-balanced and easy to grip.
  • Great for slicing or cutting purposes.


  • Not the best knife for rocking purposes as the edge bounces too high.

Cangshan Y2 Series Knife Set, 6-Piece

Cangshan Y2 Series Knife Set, 6-Piece German Steel Block, Silver

This knife set includes German steel blades, and inclines five of these blades in the collection for a highly affordable cost.

Each knife contains a patterned handle that ensures long-term stability and sharpness.

This collection includes a bread knife, a serrated utility knife, a paring knife, a santoku knife, and a chef’s knife.

You will also receive a sturdy knife block that is crafted from beautiful Acacia wood.

This makes the product aesthetically pleasing to any kitchen environment. This collection will fit well in every kitchen, especially due to the dark coloration of the handles.

The Rockwell rating of the blades is 58 and these knives are perfectly sharpened out-of-box.

This is the best set to choose if you only require a few knives as opposed to several knives that are suited for specific purposes.


  • Notably affordable in comparison to other knife sets.
  • Aesthetically pleasing knife block.
  • Handles are ergonomic.
  • Blades consist of strong steel.
  • Includes all of the main knives required for day-to-day tasks.


  • Does not include niche knives for specific purposes.

Cangshan N1 Series Forged Santoku Knife

Cangshan N1 Series 59151 German Steel Forged Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

This knife is also highly affordable, consisting of the highest quality German steel. It is 7 inches long and is therefore the perfect length for a santoku knife.

This knife is a variation of the more traditional chef’s knife that is uniquely designed for precise cutting activities.

Cheeses, meats, and other softer products can easily be sliced using this product, although a regular chef’s knife may be better suited for dicing, chopping, and rocking purposes.

However, this knife is incredibly well-balanced, especially when considering the comparative length of the handle and the blade.

An asian-style cutting edge is used to ensure that it remains sharp over a longer period of time. The handle is also hollowed in order to ensure that the weight remains low.

Thus, this knife is ideal as it only weighs a couple of ounces.

There are also dimples along the length of the knife’s blade.

These create smaller pockets that ensure sticker food is able to easily fall from the surface of the blade. This makes the overall maneuvering of your food far easier.


  • Highly affordable product.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Well-balanced product.
  • Ideal for cutting cheese, meat, and other similar food products.
  • Features smaller pockets that prevent food from sticking to the surface of the knife.


  • Not ideal for dicing or chopping purposes.
  • Edge requires honing frequently.

Cangshan Knives Review - Conclusion

To conclude, Cangshan produces knife products that are highly favored and popular due to their sturdiness and overall durability.

You will undoubtedly find the knife product for you in the list that I have outlined and reviewed above.

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