How To Cover A Closet Without Doors [7 Practical Ways]

November 3, 2021
by Christine Devereaux

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If you have an open closet in your room, or you just don’t like the look of your doors, then you may be thinking about covering this space with something else.

But the question is, with what? There are many alternatives you can try that will fit the style or interior design of your home.

Here are the best ways we’ve found on how to cover a closet without doors. 


If you are looking for a door replacement, this is one of the most flexible options.

Curtains are available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and styles so you should easily be able to find some that fit into your closet space and match with the decor in your home.

Other benefits of curtains are that they're also easy to install, repair, or clean, and they're inexpensive.

Though this is one of the most popular options for covering a closet door, curtains do come with some downsides.

If you have an odd-shaped closet or a unique style, you may not be able to find curtains that fit in the space or match the aesthetic of your room.

If you still wanted to get curtains this would mean you would probably have to get them custom-made, which can be quite expensive depending on what you want. 

Also if pulled too hard by people or even your pets then there is a chance that they could tear or break.

Even so, if you're on a tight budget, curtains are a good alternative for closet doors.


Similar to a curtain, beads make it easy to get into a closet without having to open a door.

It's a great option for anybody wanting to add a bit of color and texture to their room without giving up the storage space provided by a closet.

Beads, like other alternatives, have a few drawbacks. One downside is that they may be difficult to keep out of the way when removing items from the closet.

Another issue is that they might be rather noisy. Still, this is a more unique way of covering your closet as it also provides added decoration to your room.

Room Dividers 

Stylish room interior with white folding screen and plants

Stylish room dividers are usually inexpensive, making them a great option for any homeowner on a limited budget.

They're a great way to add privacy to a space without breaking the budget, and they're also fashionable and can come in a huge amount of designs and sizes.

One issue with this option is that they may take up more room in the room than a normal door, so if you’re trying to save space then this may not be the option for you.

But benefits of this solution are that they can be readily replaced or removed, making them a good option for renters.

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Accordion Door

Unlike some other closet door options, accordion doors are a great way to save space in the room while still giving easy access to the items in the closet.

These doors take up very little space since they fold in on themselves. They're light, inexpensive, and easy to hang. 

However, they also make a loud clicking sound as they fold up on themselves, which may wake others in the home or just be annoying to hear all of the time.

Another downside of an accordion door is that it is made of plastic, which means it will age and break over time as it can be quite flimsy. 


Mirrored closet doors reflect light beautifully throughout a space, making smaller rooms feel much more spacious and open.

Because they are usually ornamented with attractive trim and knobs, they can add more decoration to any room.

This type of closet door is also useful as you won’t need any more full-length mirrors in your room so you will be able to save on space.

Like all solutions, mirrors come with a few disadvantages.

Even though they can make your room feel bigger, they can also reflect any mess around it, possibly making your room feel more crowded and frantic.

They must also be cleaned regularly to keep their look and avoid becoming dirty, which not only will make your room feel messy but would also make them not as good at reflecting the light around your room.

Barn Doors 

barn door in living room

If you want to get new doors for your room but don’t want them to take up too much space then barn doors might be the perfect choice for you. 

Barn doors, which hang on tracks above the door, can make your closet the focal center of the space in a matter of seconds.

They're eye-catching and give the room a lot of aesthetic appeals.

The doors are simple to open and close as long as the track is placed properly, and they don't take up any area by swinging out.

While they’re great for creating a vintage or rustic vibe in your room, if you’re not a fan of this aesthetic then the doors come in many other colors and styles so you’re sure to find one that matches your taste. 

Unfortunately, the hardware for these doors may be rather expensive, making installation prohibitively expensive.

They must also be properly mounted or they will be difficult to use, so you may need help with installation. 

Pocket Doors

These doors are an excellent option for anyone who wants to save space in their closet while adding doors.

They are one of the most popular closet door alternatives because when you need to get into your closet, the doors glide easily into the wall, making them excellent for tiny spaces.

Unfortunately, because pocket doors can be difficult to install, most homeowners will need to hire a professional to complete the work, which will raise the door's overall cost.

Still, you may consider having a sliding door worth it, as they can add style to your bedroom and give your closet the illusion of being a walk-in closet. 

How To Cover A Closet Without Doors - Takeaway

No matter what option you choose, make sure that what you’re buying will fit into the closet space correctly, and that they are also installed the right way.

No matter what your style and tastes are, with so many options out there for covering your closet, you will easily be able to find an option that you’ll love. 

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