Ekster Wallet Review [The Top 2 Chic Wallets To Consider]

September 6, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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It is very important to find a wallet that suits you.

Everyone has their own frustrations about carrying around their cash and cards, and a wallet can really transform this experience.

If you're looking for a new wallet, take a look at this full Ekster wallet review to find out if it's for you!


Ekster is a luxury manufacturer. They sell many items such as wallets, phone cases and accessories mainly for men.

Ekster was created by two Dutch students who felt there was a gap in the market for quality wallets for men.

They created their own line of wallets and bags and started selling them.

They passed their idea on to an established businessman in the industry, and Ekster became an established business in 2015.

'Ekster' derives from the Dutch word meaning 'magpie'.

Magpies are known to collect anything shiny, which is why the business drew a parallel with their products: holding your valuables in a very smart and classy manner. 

Ekster quickly became a very successful business and its products are now sold by over 100 different retailers including Amazon and Macy's.

Why Choose Ekster?

Ekster are pioneers of the smart wallet. Let's set up a little background knowledge for you.

Ekster noticed that people have been losing their wallets for as long as we can all remember.

The panic, stress and inconvenience that this causes everyone is huge and so they decided to look for a solution to that.

With a smart wallet, you can integrate your wallet with an app on your phone which works via Bluetooth or GPS.

This means that you can always track where your wallet is at all times. 

Ekster was not only great at creating a smart wallet, they also made it high-quality and very aesthetically pleasing!

So, let's go into more detail.

Ekster's Parliament Wallet VS Ekster's Senate Wallet

Ekster's two main products - the Parliament and the Senate wallet - are both very similar to each other, with just a few small differences setting them apart.

Read on for a detailed review of both wallets, as well as a comparison. 

Detailed Design

The parliament wallet includes very complex design features.

It has a cut-out on the bottom left-hand side which makes way for a trigger that is there to activate the card slider system. 

The leather wallet is luxurious in its design. It comes in many different colors.

You can get the wallet in black, brown and cognac. The wallet also has a padded front fold which adds to the distinctive look.

The Parliament wallet also has a cash strap on the inside of the wallet. This is great because it keeps your cash hidden and really safe. 

The Senate wallet has a slightly different design when it comes to the cash strap.

On this wallet, the strap is on the front of the pouch rather than being tucked away on the inside.

This is slightly annoying because the cash can get caught when you are pulling the wallet from your pocket.

GPS Tracker

The other great feature of both the Ekster Parliament wallet and the Senate wallet is the tracker card which works through GPS.

This is optional, but a great feature that really makes the wallet stand out from the crowd.

This card is solar-powered, lasting up to a month. All you have to do when it is beginning to run low is leave it out in the sun.

To use the GPS tracker card, simply place the card into the back of your wallet. It can't be seen.

Then you download the TrackR app on your smartphone, available on iOS and Android.

Connect up your tracker card and you'll have it doing its job in no time. To connect the card follow these steps:

  1. Download the TrackR app
  2. Press the button on the TrackR card
  3. Customize the alert settings
  4. Turn on Bluetooth 
  5. Turn on your location
  6. You can then ring the card through the app - the card has a built-in speaker! You can also ring your phone using the tracker card if you want to!

The tracker card will send you a notification through to your phone when you have separated from it, allowing you to react quickly.


Both the Ekster Parliament wallet and the Senate wallet are very durable and will last for years before you will be needing a new one.

Because you use the wallet every day, and it is subject to a large amount of wear and tear, you should expect that it will need replacing after a few years.

How long it lasts will depend on how well you look after it. 

The product is made from top grain leather and so they do last a fairly long time.

The beauty of using material like this is that it means that each wallet is unique. 

Extra Space

The Parliament wallet, like all of Ekster's designs, is less of a wallet, and more of a cardholder.

It fits great in your pocket and is really easy to use.

This card pouch has space for around 5 cards when used as a card pouch, however, if you're struggling to fit everything you need in the space available, it can open up to allow for more space, making it look like a more traditional wallet.

This gives you a little more space to store the wallets while also keeping them compact.

The Senate wallet does not have this function.

Ejector Wallet Button 

The Ejector button is a really great wallet and is available on both of the Ekster wallets.

We've all been there when we're trying to pay at the front of the cafe queue and we're fumbling with our cards, trying to force them out of the small gap they have.

On these wallets, simply click the button and all of your cards will shoot out, making for easy access and quick and convenient payment!

Don't worry about accidentally pressing this button, though, because it is tucked away and can only really be pressed on purpose. 

Ekster's Senate Wallet Vs Parliament Wallet: The Verdict

Ekster's Senate wallet is very similar to the Parliament, with a few small differences.

The Senate wallet is more lightweight and compact because it doesn't have the extra space option explored above.

The cash strap that is tucked away in the Parliament, is on the outside of the Senate wallet.

Personally, this is a deal breaker, because I would forever be getting my cash caught as I pulled the wallet out of my pocket.

Because of this, the Parliament wallet comes out slightly above the Senate - although there really is hardly anything in it!

Other Ekster Wallets 

There are a couple of other Ekster wallets that are also great.

They all have a few small differences from the Parliament and Senate wallets.

The Modular Bifold is lightweight and slim but still has space for a few more cards than the other products.

This means it is slightly bulkier than the Parliament and Senate wallets.

The Aluminum Cardholder is another wallet that Ekster manufactures.

The difference with this wallet is that it is made from aluminum.

This makes it long-lasting and much more durable than its leather counterparts.

However, you may prefer the look of the leather wallet. 

Ekster's Features Summarized 

  • Ekster wallets have great GPS tracking which means you won't lose your wallet, you will know where it is at all times! Your cards are also safeguarded so your data is protected. 
  • All Ekster products have a 12-month warranty so if anything goes wrong that isn't your fault, you're well protected! 
  • Customers speak very highly of the products and the customer service available. 
  • The ejector button feature means you have quick access to all your cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out a few common FAQs when it comes to Ekster and their wallets.

What Else Do Ekster Sell? 

Ekster sells wallets and cases for phones and laptops. They also sell tracking devices for all other valuables such as keys.

They also sell carry-on accessories.

How To Contact Ekster Customer Service?

Ekster offers great customer service, always getting back to any queries and questions very quickly and effectively.

If you have any questions that you can't find the answer to on this review, email the customer support address, or give Ekster a call.

Contact Ekster if you want more information on your warranty, or if you are experiencing any problems with your wallet.

Ekster Wallet Review - Final Thoughts 

Ekster wallets are fantastically designed and have many features which make them stand out from the standard wallet manufacturers today.

The two main features that set Ekster wallets apart from the crowd are the GPS tracking system that is included with the wallets, and the eject button to help you have easy access to your cards. 

While the Senate and Parliament wallets are very similar in many ways, the Parliament wallet comes out slightly on top due to its sleek design. 

Now that you know everything there is to know about Ekster's wallets - go out and get yours!

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