Freedom Grooming Review [Is it Worth the Hype?]

June 16, 2022
by Christine Devereaux

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Shaving is something that everyone has to deal with at some point. Whether it’s shaving off unwanted hair or trimming facial hair, shaving is a necessary part of life.

Unfortunately, though, shaving can also cause some serious issues. If you’re having trouble with razor burn, ingrown hairs, bumps, cuts, or other shaving problems, you might want to consider switching shavers.

Even though there have been plenty of people that have been dealing with these problems, and while there have been constant upgrades to most of the razor and blade models and brands on the market, razors or hair removal creams still turn out to be a disappointment quite often, with hair growing back the next day or skin irritation ruining our day.

Thankfully, Freedom Grooming was founded to “make a difference in helping men and women across the globe get better results while shaving, without the symptoms of shaving irritation.”

Their solution? A series of grooming products and a modern-technology shaver that is here to save the day! Continue reading for the entire Freedom Grooming review.

What Is Freedom Grooming?

FREEDOM GROOMING was founded by two friends who wanted to create a better way to remove hair from the body.

Their goal was to provide consumers with a high-quality alternative to traditional razors and shavers.

As they researched other options, they discovered that most of them were either ineffective or had dangerous side effects.

They knew that the current methods of styling hair were causing damage to hair strands and leading to skin irritation.

Their goal was to develop products that were going to be safe, effective, and affordable, and ones that would get rid of all the bad post-effects of shaving.

They also realized that there was not a single company that offered all of the products that they needed.

So, they decided to start their own business and offer only the best products on the market as single products but also in packages.

The Flexseries Shaver 

The FlexSeries Electric Head Hair Shaver - Freebird - Ultimate Mens Cordless Rechargeable Wet/Dry Skull & Bald Head Waterproof Razor with Rotary Blades, Clippers, Nose Trimmer, Brush, Massager

Freedom Groomers have their unique versatile Flexseries Shaver, a 5-in-1 product that you can easily use and take anywhere with you.

Its system consists of a 5-blade razor that electrically rotates to offer a smooth and effective shaving.

It is equipped with soft alloy blades made with an Advanced Anti-Bump technology.

Safe And Effective 

Shaving with or even without a mirror becomes a safe process that does not require much effort or repetition to get the perfect result.

Just think of those 3-blade razors you previously owned and imagine getting their result almost twice as successful as you did with them. And, even better, with no razor cuts after shaving! 

Modern, Ergonomic Design 

The Flexseries Shaver has a very modern design and is very ergonomic and easy to hold, producing a close shave much faster than a razor would!

No Skin Irritation Or Razor Cuts

Thanks to its new technology and blade system, the Flexseries Shaver guarantees no skin irritation after shaving and makes razor cuts impossible!

Does Freedom Grooming Have Other Shaving Products? 

Yes, Freedom Grooming offers a variety of products aiming to create an amazing at-home shaving experience for their customers.

You can find all kinds of creams, oils, and lotions, in addition to other shaving essentials and kits.

How Do Freedom Grooming Products Work?

Freedom Grooming products work by using plant extracts and essential oils to help protect your skin from pre and post-shaving skin irritation or hair breakage.

The company’s products are, in general, very sustainable, with a great example of that being their head and body wipes that are biodegradable.

All their oils and creams also contain botanicals like aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and peppermint, which are plants that have been used throughout history as an alternative to harsh chemicals.

These natural ingredients are gentle to the skin and you will really be able to tell the difference from previous products you have used that might have contained chemicals.

So, Should I Buy More Of Their Products?

Freedom Grooming Review

While you can buy the Flexseries Shaver or any of the Freedom Grooming products as a single-item purchase, their kits are their best-selling thing as they offer value for money and provide you with a complete package of hair and skin care.

We have reviewed each one of their kits and the products included in them to help you choose the right one for you, so keep on reading to find out which one suits you best!

Best Value: The Best Buzz Kit

The Best buzz kit is a great option both for men and women. It is the ultimate tool for getting rid of unwanted body hair.

With just one pass over your body with this tool, you will be able to remove all the unwanted hairs.

It is a very effective kit that comes with 6 different attachments which can be used as per your requirement.

You can choose between the standard comb attachment, the wide-tooth comb attachment, the brush attachment, the tweezers attachment, the scissors attachment, and the nippers attachment.

It is very easy to operate and clean, and it weighs less than 1kg making it very lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere.

Just make sure you keep it away from water and heat and it should last for life.

This kit is ideal for you if you are travelling frequently either for business or leisurely.

With a thick and protective travel case included, you can use it while you’re traveling around without the fear of losing or breaking anything in it.

It also has an electric charging dock, so you can travel without looking around for plugs to charge it in.

Most Popular: The Clean Cut Kit

This is the basic kit with the absolute essentials to home shaving.

This kit is ideal for people who stay faithful to the rituals of shaving and are willing to spend time treating their skin and hair the right way before and after shaving.

The Flexseries Shaver is, of course, part of the kit. Its flexing head technology and different attachments to choose from are also included in this package to save your skin from razor bumps and cuts.

For that pre-shave skincare, this kit includes the Freedom Grooming pre-shave oil that enhances your skin surface and prevents any kind of post-shaving irritation by using a signature blend of Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Olive, and Avocado oils.

For a smooth shaving experience, there is also the shaving cream and aftershave lotion that will immediately hydrate your skin and leave your skin soft and moisturized.

The natural ingredients used for the oils and lotions really make a difference to how your skin feels after shaving and how it reacts to it before.

What is also great with this kit is that the oil, cream, and lotion guarantee a great shaving experience even for sensitive areas that you might have experienced some discomfort after shaving them with a regular razor.

Brand New: Scalp Care Kit

This brand-new product is destined for men who wish to treat themselves and their scalp with some extra care.

If you already have a Flexseries Shaver and use it to shave your head but feel your skin can be healthier and more vibrant, then go ahead and order the Scalp Care Kit right away.

With three products that represent a three-step routine, you will be surprised by how good your skin will look and feel.

These products really do help with protecting your skin from irritation by moisturizing it and even outing its tone!

The purifying cleanser offers your skin a clean and healthy look by naturally removing all the toxins and grease without affecting its pH as other creams do.

Its properties help reinvigorate the skin and, in a way, regenerate it by removing any dead skin cells and fixing your skin where it is damaged. 

The hydrating moisturizers then maintain that fresh look and keep your scalp hydrated, making you look fresher and even younger.

Finally, the balancing toner is a high-quality, alcohol-free product that, similar to an after-shaving lotion gives your scalp that extra boost and maintains a fresh look. 

The Bottom Line

The Freedom Grooming products are a great solution for anyone who has previously experienced skin issues and trouble when shaving with more traditional methods like single-use razors.

Their line of products effectively helps people achieve clean, smooth, and comfortable hair removal without causing damage and are easy and comfortable to use.

Their Flexseries shaver guarantees smooth and clean shaving with no hustle, while their kits are perfect for those who wish to take extra care of their skin and body.

Whether you are looking for a kit to use when traveling or a skin moisturizing kit, there’s something for everyone.

So if you are looking for a safe and effective method of shaving and skincare for you or are interested in buying a gift for one of your friends or family member, then Freedom Grooming is a brand that is definitely worth checking out.

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