Hoka Mach 4 Review - The Innovative Running Shoes

April 26, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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Hoka has become a household name in recent years, thanks to its innovative running shoes. The company was founded in 1997 by American brothers Mike and Mark Hurd, who wanted to create a better shoe for runners. 

Their goal was to provide runners with a comfortable, supportive shoe that would allow them to run longer distances without pain or injury.

Hoka has since grown into a global brand, selling over 20 million pairs of shoes annually. They also sell apparel, accessories, and running equipment. 

In addition to their own line of products, they have been involved in developing many other brands such as ASICs, Saucony, Brooks, and Mizuno.

The Hoka Mach 4 is one of the most popular models from this company. It's designed to be an all-around runner, but it can also be used for hiking and even cross-training. Continue reading for our full Hoka Mach 4 review to determine if this is the running shoe for you.

This model features a lightweight design, making it easier to wear while on long runs.

The Hoka Mach 4 is a great running shoe for beginners. It provides excellent cushioning and support, along with a smooth ride. 

If you want a shoe that offers good stability and comfort, then the Hoka Mach 4 is definitely worth checking out.

In this article, we'll be taking a comprehensive look at the Hoka Mach 4 running shoes, including their specs and material composition.

We've also included a handy pros and cons section towards the bottom of the article. 

So if you're new to the world of running or just curious about these great running shoes, read on and see what we thought of them!

What Are They?

The Hoka Mach series is part of the Hoka family of products. These shoes are designed to offer comfort, support, and durability during your runs.

The Hoka family includes:

  • Hoka One One (previously known as the Hoka Powerlite)
  • Hoka Speedgoat
  • Hoka Clifton 2
  • Hoka Mach 4
  • Hoka Clipless

The Hoka Mach 4s were released in late 2013. They feature an updated version of the popular Hoka Clifton 3 model. This update brings improved cushioning, increased durability, and more support.

How Long Do Hoka Mach 4s Last?

Hoka Mach 4s have an average lifespan of 300 miles. This means they will last through many long-distance races. You can expect to get between 3-5 years of use from a pair of Hoka Mach 4s.

Do Hoka Mach 4s Come With Insoles?

Each pair of Hoka Mach 4s comes with a set of three insoles. These insoles come pre-laced into the shoes, so you don't need any tools or experience to put them in.

You do not need to replace the insoles every time you wear the shoes. However, it's recommended that you replace them after 300 miles of usage.

What Size Should I Get?

You should buy a size larger than your normal shoe size. For example, if you normally wear a 7 1/2 shoe, then you should go up to 8 1/2.

If you're looking for a more snug fit, try going down one size.

What Colors Are the Mach 4s Available in? 

Hoka Mach 4 shoe
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Hoka is famous for its unique choice of colors for its shoes. 

The Mach 4 continues this trend by being available in various color combinations, including Black/Dark Shadow, Blue Coral/Black, Dazzling Blue/Green Ash, and Blue Glass/Evening Primrose. 

What Type of Running Does the Hoka Mach 4 Work Best For?

The Hoka Mach 4 is best suited for road running. The sole design allows for a smoother transition when transitioning from heel strike to toe off.

It's important to note that the Hoka Mach 4 does not work well for trail running. There isn't enough traction on the soles to keep you stable while running downhill.

What Other Features Does the Hoka Mach Series Offer?

The Hoka series features a number of different technologies that help make the shoes more durable and comfortable.

These include:

  • Dynamic Duo Max - This technology helps absorb shock and reduce impact forces.
  • Super Lightweight Upper Construction - The upper construction is made of nylon mesh. This makes the shoe lighter and stronger.
  • Soft Flexible Midsole - The midsole is made of EVA foam. This gives the shoe flexibility and shock absorption.
  • Durable Rubber Outsole - The rubber outsole helps provide grip and traction.
  • TPU Reinforcement Lining - The lining is reinforced by polyurethane. This improves durability and reduces weight.
  • Breathable Mesh Lining - The mesh lining helps increase breathability and moisture-wicking.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment - The antimicrobial treatment helps prevent odor and bacteria build-up.

Is Hoka Mach 4 a Neutral Shoe?

The Mach 4 is indeed a neutral lightweight trainer in terms of classification. It offers good cushioning and stability but doesn't feel too firm.

This is perfect for runners who want a cushioned ride without feeling like they're wearing a brick.

Is the Hoka Mach 4 Good For Flat Feet?

If you suffer from overpronation, finding a pair of running shoes that don't leave you in a great deal of pain can be difficult. 

However, the Hoka Mach 4 is designed specifically for flat feet. It has a slightly raised heel counter, which helps support the arch.

When used correctly, this type of shoe can help alleviate some symptoms associated with overpronation. 

Who Would Benefit From Hoka Mach 4 Shoes?

Anyone who wants a light, flexible shoe that provides excellent cushioning and stability would benefit from buying Hoka Mach 4s.

They also work great for anyone who needs a cushioned ride without sacrificing performance. 

Pros and Cons of the Hoka Mach 4

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Hoka Mach 4:


  • Highly Comfortable - The Hoka Mach 4 offers a very comfortable ride. It provides exceptional cushioning and stability.
  • Great Stability - The Hoka Mach has a firm yet flexible feel. This allows you to run smoothly without feeling like you're constantly bouncing around.
  • Good Traction - The Hoka Mach provides good traction on both dry and wet surfaces.


  • Not Suitable For Trail Running - The Hoka Mach doesn't offer much traction on uneven terrain. If you plan on using these shoes for trail running, you may want to look at another model.
  • Poor In Hot Weather - The Hoka Mach can become uncomfortable if worn during hot weather conditions.

Hoka Mach 4 Review - Final Verdict

Overall, the Hoka Mach is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile, comfortable, and stable running shoe.

It's ideal for casual training or racing. 

It works well as a cross-country shoe or even for road running.

The only downside is that it isn't suitable for trail running. However, if you need a shoe that will keep your feet comfortable no matter what surface you're running on, then the Hoka Mach 4 should definitely be on your list.

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