How To Cook Wagyu Beef Correctly - 2 Simple Ways

November 29, 2022
by Dan Skewes

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Have you found a cut of Wagyu beef, but you're not 100% certain how you should cook it?

Don't worry; we're here to advise you on the best ways to enjoy your Wagyu. 

Of course, the most popular options are grilling and pan-frying, so we'll focus on those cooking methods.

Although you can use an oven, it does dry out the meat, even if it's the safest option.

Not everyone has a smoker; even broiling only works when you have the experience.

That's why grilling and pan-frying are some of the easiest methods to use. Continue reading to learn how to cook Wagyu beef that tastes good.

What Is Wagyu?

Wagyu is a type of Japanese beef cattle.

The making of Wagyu beef in Japan is highly regulated, and the export of Wagyu from Japan is banned as they've been classed as a national treasure.

However, back in 1975, Wagyu was first imported into America by Morris Whitney.

In the early 2000s, Wagyu beef stopped being imported from the United States.

However, because of the great quality of Wagyu, the US has increased the amount of time they have worked to breed their Red and Black Wagyu cattle. 

How To Grill Wagyu Beef

Before you start grilling your Wagyu, there are a few steps that you need to take first.

Check your grill and make sure that you can regulate the temperature.

You can check this with a temperature gun. Season your beef, and make sure that you leave it at room temperature.

You shouldn't cook it cold, and it should be left out for at least an hour before you cook it.

Put your Wagyu on your grill at medium-high heat.

Depending on how high a temperature your grates are on your grill, you should spend between 1 and 3 minutes on each side.

You'll notice that it should have a cross-hatch mark. When you see that, remove it from the grill. 

Don't forget that you should never take your eyes off your beef. If you leave it, the fat may flare up and catch fire. 

When you've finished cooking them on the grill, put them on a higher rack on your barbecue to ensure that it stays at the desired temperature.

If you want to host a group trip, then you could always start them on the grill and put them in the fridge so you can cook them in the oven later.

Pan-Frying Wagyu Beef

If you want to pan-fry your Wagyu beef, you should use a cast iron skillet and follow these guidelines.

First, you need to season your steak, preferably with some salt and pepper.

Grease the pan before you use it, ideally with butter. Don't put too much on, as Wagyu's marbling produces a high amount of juice.

Heat up your cast iron skillet and sear it for three or four minutes on each side.

If you want to have your steak done medium rare, you should heat it to 145 degrees. For medium heat, you should have it heated to 160 degrees. 

To ensure that the temperature is perfect, make sure you get out your temperature gun. You don't want to ruin your Wagyu; after all, there's a reason it's such high-quality meat. 

Different cuts of Wagyu beef on a grill

Which Is Better, Grilling Or Pan Frying?

Truthfully, the preference is up to you.

Some people prefer grilling their Wagyu steak as they believe it is the only way to cook this meat.

Others may be more comfortable cooking it in a pan and frying it. Ideally, the grill gives it more of a charcoal flavor, and pan frying is a simple method of cooking it.

However, if you don't have a grill, you might be disappointed if you can't cook it.

If you don't have the weather or the equipment to cook Wagyu on a grill, you should broil it instead. While it won't bring about the same flavors, it's still popular. 

Ideally, if you have time, you could even smoke your Wagyu.

However, to do that, you do need a smoker, and not everyone has the time to wait that long.

While the meat is perfectly tender this way, most people would rather have their Wagyu readily available.

Overall, grilling and pan-frying Wagyu are the most popular choices for those who want to enjoy this delicious cut.

How To Season Wagyu Beef

Although it can feel tempting to season your Wagyu with all of your favorites, you shouldn't.

It's better to go light on the seasonings with just a hint of salt and pepper.

Wagyu has a delicious flavor that needs to be appreciated, and oversaturating it with seasoning can be the worst thing that you can do. 

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't use your favorite steak sauce.

So long as you don't oversaturate the flavor of the Wagyu, you can still enjoy it with your favorite sauce.

What To Eat With Wagyu

When you cook Wagyu beef, you can easily forget that you should have sides with it.

That doesn't mean it has to be massively complicated.

If you don't want to go overboard with the flavors, go with the classic sauteed mushrooms.

Any vegetables can go well with Wagyu if they're lightly seasoned. Broccoli, sprouts, and asparagus are incredibly popular as steak sides, too, for a reason.

However, if you want some starch, there's nothing wrong with going with a baked potato or mashed potatoes.

Of course, if you don't enjoy potatoes, there's always rice too.

Generally, you can enjoy plenty of sides with Wagyu, but nothing else can compare to the star of the show.

Final Thoughts

This article should give you a better idea of how to cook Wagyu beef at home.

It's a high-quality meat cut, so you must ensure it's cooked correctly. However, it's also difficult to cook it perfectly.

It's a slice of meat you need to pay attention to when you cook, or else it could easily be ruined.

But don't stress too much about the sides, as your Wagyu will inevitably steal the show.

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