How To Get Rid Of Dandruff [3 Easy Ways Help Your Scalp]

August 25, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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We all know that having a clean head of hair is one of the nicest feelings in the world.

Having a long shower and washing your hair can be therapeutic; however, it isn't as easy for some.

Dandruff is a huge problem for many men worldwide, and it can knock down someone's confidence regarding their looks and physical presence.

Although it can be frustrating, it isn't rare and will happen to almost everyone over their lifetime, which means that there are a few different ways to get rid of dandruff, especially for men.

Follow the rest of our guide to find out how to get rid of dandruff and what causes it. Your confidence and happiness are important, so we're here to help.

What Actually Is Dandruff?

So, just in case you don't know what dandruff is, we think it's best to find out so you can understand the situation that you might be experiencing.

Dandruff is basically dry and dead skin that has separated from your head's scalp and found its way into your hair.

Depending on your hair color and length, this dead skin can be easily noticed and cause irritation and itching.

Also known as dry scalp, we always recommend avoiding scratching the skin because it can cause more to become present, as well as cause further irritation to your scalp.

What Is Dandruff Caused By?

If you have one of the following factors in your everyday life, it's likely that you can stop your dandruff at the source by cutting out certain things.

For example, if you're using a shampoo or conditioner that's causing a reaction, then it's always best to try and find an alternative.

This way, you're stopping the dandruff production at the source.

Sometimes, it isn't as simple as this, however, and you might have a condition that means your body is more prone to producing dry skin.

For example, psoriasis is a common thing that is seen in both men and women, which can cause the skin to dry out and fall from the body.

On top of this, eczema is another frequently seen condition that will see someone produce more dandruff and dry skin than usual, which is usually a bit trickier to get rid of and sort out.

How Do You Get Rid Of Dandruff?

Man washing his hair in the shower

There are a few different ways to try and get rid of dandruff because different people react differently to varying methods.

For example, someone might have dandruff because of psoriasis, whereas someone else might have it because of eczema.

It's all about finding the right way that works for you. Because of this, there are a lot of different techniques to use. We'll highlight some that we found the most effective.

Gentle Shampoo Products

If you have fairly mild dandruff, then it's likely that the solution might not be too hard to achieve.

For example, using a gentle shampoo can be really effective in ensuring that the skin is more hydrated and gets the attention it needs without causing further irritation and damage to your scalp and your skin.

Gentle shampoos work brilliantly at reducing skin cell buildup and oil within the skin. This will, in turn, reduce the production of dandruff and dry skin.

Medicated Prescription Shampoo Products

If that doesn't work, then using a dedicated medical shampoo is always a good way to try and combat the symptoms of dry scalp.

These products have been thoroughly tested on people with dandruff and will have had a wide range of results to ensure they have the most effective product possible on the market for you to try out.

However, we recommend changing your shampoo if the one you're using loses its effectiveness, which can happen from time to time.

For example, coal tar slows down the production of skin flakes on your scalp. However, it can have some side effects, which we'll highlight now.

Of course, there is always a chance for an allergic reaction to take place, so it's always good to stay in contact with your local doctor, just in case.

You also need to keep it away from open cuts and fresh wounds to avoid infections taking place.

Additionally, you will need to stay out of the sun for 2-3 days because it can make your skin a lot more sensitive to sunlight.

On top of this, we recommend that pregnant women, or breastfeeding women, should avoid this product.

Avoid Scratching The Itch!

We know it sounds like a bit of an obvious suggestion, but we all know that ignoring an itch that won't leave can be one of the most frustrating things in the world.

So, for this reason, we recommend that you do your absolute hardest to try and avoid scratching your scalp.

If you continue to scratch your scalp frequently, then the dead skin cells will continue to pile up, until you end up with a large dry area on your scalp.

Because of the sheer amount of dry skin cells present, you will then find it a lot harder to treat and will end up having to use more severe treatments and methods to help combat dandruff.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff - Final Thoughts

There you have it, that's the end of our guide. Hopefully, you'll have a much better idea of what dandruff is, how to fight against it, and how it can be caused.

Effectively, you need to keep using treatments and methods as frequently as safely possible.

This ensures that dandruff breaks down and stops causing you problems before it has a chance to build.

At the end of the day, dandruff is an irritating and frustrating thing to experience, and it can't be cured.

However, it can be treated, which gives a lot of people a lot of solace in knowing that it is a common occurrence for many.

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