How To Knot A Shirt [5 Super Stylish Ways]

April 14, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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Shirts are a classic clothing choice - but they don't always have to be plain and boring. Although we try sprucing up our tees with some crazy patterns and fun colors, you can also tie your shirt into different knots for a bunch of unique styles ready for the summer! If you want to learn how to knot a shirt, continue reading.

This is a great idea if you have any shirts that are too large and baggy to wear. So why not jazz them up with a knot to transform your outfit and give you a completely different silhouette.

Pair a knotted shirt with some comfy high-waisted jeans or low-waisted to show off a bit of midriff in the summer sunshine.

If you want to try out some knots in your shirt to transform it into something fun to wear and create a cute outfit, then try out some of these knots we have picked out.

Check out our guide on how to knot a shirt and try wearing your favorite one with these five different style options!

Classic Round Knot

This method will give you a tight, little round knot in the center of your shirt's front and raise the bottom hem up to resemble a crop top. It's a great knot to try out if you suddenly get warm and want something a little cooler and more stylish than a regular shirt.

To try out a classic round knot, all you have to do is start from the back of the shirt and pull the material to your front. The back hem should start to raise as the material gathers in the front. Pull the material out, gathering it with both hands in your center front.

With one hand, hold the base and pull the material out with the other - you should end up with a long tail of your shirt's material.

Twist it around into a circle, leaving room in the middle by wrapping it around three of your fingers from your other hand holding the base.

When you come to the end of the material, tuck it through the middle of the knot and pull. You should be left with a small, tight, round knot that sits above your belly button.

The Invisible Knot

For a knot that is barely noticeable, you will want to repeat the same instructions for the classic round knot but further up your body.

Gather the material at your front, so the back of the shirt is tight against your back. Use two hands to gather it into a long tail, with one at the base and one at the tip, then twist and twist it into a circle. Tie the end through the center of the knot, then fold it under the front material of your shirt.

This method works best if you lift the hem of the shirt up, so it's just beneath your breasts. The knot will disappear in your cleavage and transform your baggy shirt into a cute cropped top that's perfect for hot weather.

The Two Knot Method

The Two Knot Method - how to knot a shirt

This knot-tying trick is a little trickier than others as it requires you to try and tie two very tight knots simultaneously. The result will be two very cute knots on both sides of your front resemble little rosebuds.

To give this method a try, you will need to stretch the material of your shirt out as much as it will go on either side. Using your fingers on both hands, twirl the two ends of the shirt until you have two long twisted tails of material.

Then, roll these inwards, so they become two very tight balls on the front of your shirt. Without unrolling the other, try to tuck the end into the middle of each ball, leaving you with two knots on your shirt!

Trying to tie one knot without the other unraveling is difficult, so you might have to have someone help you hold the knots in place while you tie or use your elbow or forearm to hold one knot in place while you use both hands to tie the other.

The Belt Loop Knot

If you are wearing jeans or a denim skirt with belt loops, you can try tying a knot around the front belt loop using your baggy shirt!

This will help fit your shirt and give you a better silhouette while keeping the knot in place as you go about your day.

Gather as much material as you can in the front and make a little tail of material just above your desired belt loop

Pull the end through the belt loop and tie a regular knot by pulling the end back over the part of your shirt, tucking it under and then through the shirt loop again.

This will leave you with a cute little knot with your belt loop pulled through the middle.

It looks great and helps keep your jeans pulled up - just remember to untie it when you go to the restroom!

Pretzel Knot

This knot is super easy to tie and will leave you with a tightly fitted shirt that shows off your stomach.

Like with the two-knot method, gather as much material as you can on both sides. Pull out the ends and then fold them in together in your front center, as if you are swaddling a baby.

This will pull the material of your shirt into a V that comes together just below your breasts. Then, tie both ends like a normal knot. This will leave you with two annoying ends that just stick out and don't look flattering at all - but don't worry; this is how to fix that.

Take the top end that sticks out and tuck it into the pulled fold of your shirt created by the knot. Do the same with the bottom end; they both should vanish into the material, making it look as if you have a tight knot in the center of your shirt without any ends at all!

How to Knot a Shirt - Conclusion

There are many ways to tuck and tie a baggy shirt, but these knots are some of our favorite to do. They are each unique and leave you with totally different styles that make it difficult to tell that you are wearing the same shirt!

So - why not try some out for yourself? Give these knots a go and completely transform your style!

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