How To Lace Jordan 1’s [5 Different Ways For Impressive Kicks]

November 17, 2021
by Christine Devereaux

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Air Jordans are one of the most popular sneakers, and the brand has grown massively over the last few years.

There are many different styles and versions of the iconic sneaker; however, there is one aspect of this shoe that is often overlooked or neglected, and this is how the shoe is laced!

Many people have never had to lace up shoes before or have no idea of the best way to do this, let alone the fact that you can use many different styles and types of lacing to make your shoes stand out or make them more comfortable.

If you’re interested in learning some of the most popular styles for lacing your Jordan’s, you’ve come to the right place, as this guide is going to be dedicated solely (no pun intended) to Air Jordan 1’s and the various ways you can lace them up.


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Before getting into the various different types of lacing, first, you need to get set up.

You’re going to need a pair of Jordans (obviously) as well as laces of the right length and a flat surface on which to work, as lacing shoes can be a fiddly and awkward endeavor.

All of the below techniques start with the same starting point, so we can get this out of the way first to give you options once your shoe is fully set up.

Start off by taking your lace and inserting it beneath the two bottom eyelets closest to the toe end of the shoe.

From here, take each end of the lace and cross them over to the other side of the sneaker. 

The tips of the laces should be pushed through the eyelet directly across, which means the tip should be pushed up through the eyelet towards the sky instead of down through the eyelet towards the floor.

Follow this pattern all the way up the shoe, crisscrossing and keeping the tips facing up until you reach the 5th eyelet on both sides of the sneaker/tongue.

Stop here as from this point; you can use the different styles we will lay out further on into the guide. The shoe so far should have a clean, crisscrossed lace pattern.

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How To Lace Jordan 1’s - 5 Style Options

There are a few different ways you can lace your Jordan 1's. We will walk you through your options and you can pick the best one for your style.

Style 1 : Loose, Half Laced And Untied

This method is probably the most common and popular method for lacing jordans and is a very casual method which is easy to implement.

To get the best results, a slightly shorter 63” lace is best instead of the more common 72” lace often included with and used to lace Jordans. 

To lace this style, keep the laces loose all the way down the sneaker and don’t tighten them as you begin to work your way up the shoe or when wearing them.

Leave the top two eyelets on the very upper part of the shoe unlaced so that the laces stop before the upper part of the shoe curves up to the ankle.

Allow the laces to protrude, untied from the 6th or 7th eyelet (depending on your preference) and don’t tie them or pull them.

The shorter laces are needed, so you don’t have too much excess and can allow the laces to remain loose and untied without too much excess.

This style makes the shoe very loose and relaxed but not the most secure.

Style 2 : Laced To The Top, Untied

This style is very similar to the first style, but it uses the topmost eyelets instead of leaving them empty.

This is arguably one of the coolest styles and is great because it shows more of the laces and keeps the shoe a little more secure while still being relaxed.

Follow the steps from the above section, but continue crisscrossing all the way up to the topmost eyelet on the upper of the shoe, allowing the lace to protrude around 1 inch.

Do not tighten the laces and allow them to be loose all the way down the shoe, and do not pull or tie the laces which are protruding from the top of the shoe.

This is the reason a shorter lace is the best choice for this style also.

Style 3 : Tight Laced Half Way, Untied

This style is quite popular among skaters and gives a good compromise of a secure fit while still being relaxed.

Once the shoe is laced to the 5th or 6th eyelet, simply pass the laces across the lace holder on the top of the tongue, and loop them back around behind the tongue, tucking the lace tips into the shoe and knotting them inside to keep them tidy and to prevent slippage.

The laces up to that point can be as tight as you like depending on your preference.

Style 4 : Tight Laced Half Way, Tied Up

This style is very similar to the above option but is more suitable for people who prefer to tie their shoes on the outside of the tongue, so the knot is visible.

Simply take the laces from the 5th or 6th eyelet and tie them into a knot of your choice and you’re done; it couldn’t be simpler or more classic, offering a laid-back and secure look while showing off your laces fully.

Style 5 : Tight Laced To the Top, Tied

If you’re planning to actually use these sneakers for any sort of exercise or simply want a more secure fit, then this style is for you.

Whether it's basketball or any other sport, this style provides the tightest and most secure fit.

First, finish the crossover lacing from the first half of the shoe all the way to the top eyelets of the sneaker, on the ankle part of the upper.

At the top eyelets, your laces should be pointing outwards with enough excess to tie the laces. For this, a longer 72-inch lace is best.

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