Indestructible Shoes Review [Are They Worth It?]

July 21, 2022
by Dan Skewes

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Indestructible shoes pride themselves on producing men’s work shoes that enhance safety.

In fact, this brand has often been commended by outlets like the Military Times.

This review will outline whether these shoes are really as indestructible as they pertain to be. Continue reading our in-depth Indestructible Shoes review and find out if they are right for you.

Indestructible Shoes - An Overview 

This company was founded by a man named Eric Nguyen, alongside other men who had been working using their feet for several years.

Through their years of experience, they knew the need to create an advanced work shoe and were acutely aware that regular shoes were not cutting it.

Thus, they created all-in-one shoes specifically designed to function in hard-working environments while effectively protecting the feet against hazardous scenarios.

They were also determined to strike the right balance between protection and durability within a relatively lightweight shoe. 

Many of you will be used to clunky and unappealing work shoes.

This company prides itself on designing shoes that look great also! It is a myth that style and safety cannot fuse together.

Therefore, when browsing this company’s website, you will see footwear that resembles the latest Nike products.

It is because of their disability that indestructible shoes are often recommended for labor, construction or military roles.

However, these shoes are also perfect for fast-paced hospitality environments like working within a restaurant, as these roles can also be strenuous for your feet. 

Given the reach of the products, you may be skeptical about whether they can actually ensure these fast-paced, intense working environments.

User reviews indicate that these shoes are as durable as they pertain to be, on the whole.

Below, I have outlined some of their best-selling shoes and examined them closer. 

Ryder Indestructible Shoe

This indestructible shoe has been featured in the Military Times and comes in various colors, ranging from black to pink!

The main thing to note about kevlar is that it is incredibly tough; it is also distinctly lightweight and weighs less than 1lb!

It also consists of uniquely breathable fly-mesh material, which prevents any foul odors from occurring while working.

These shoes are also fused with steel that protects your feet from any objects that may fall in your surrounding environment.

The soles of the Ryder shoe are also resistant to any punctures, and this is achieved by including a padded midsole that provides additional cushioning for your feet.

This shoe is also easy to put on, as it incorporates no-tie laces that are pulled to customize the overall fit.

Ryders are also built to be particularly flexible, which enables you to distribute your weight on both feet while working evenly. 

Waterproof CamoX

This indestructible shoe is the first waterproof one of its kind.

It consists of a military-grade kevlar which ensures that it weighs less than 1lb.

It also contains steel toes alongside puncture resistance.

The shock-resistant sole ensures that you can complete any physically demanding tasks, and this shock resistance is also coupled with a padded heel cup which provides the utmost arch support.

The shoe is also made using fly-mesh, preventing any foul odors. 

This indestructible shoe consists of a slip-on design which saves copious amounts of time and energy.

It is also flexible, providing the utmost potential for the even distribution of your weight on both feet.

The color is also vibrant, incorporating red cams, which look great and really trendy!

These are definitely some of the best shoes with regards to work aesthetics.

If red is not your color, they also come in shades of black or white. 

Fable Indestructible Shoes

These shoes are hardcore with regard to military footwear.

They are constructed using Kevlar, which means that they remain lightweight despite their durability.

They also contain a shock absorption layer that ensures your feet remain grounded during the right moments.

They also infuse water-resistant technology in constructing these shoes alongside a midsole with anti-puncture functionality.

They also protect you from electric shocks due to their anti-slip rubber soles.

These soles also ensure that you do not slip into potentially hazardous circumstances, like in a minefield, for instance.

These shoes are available in a range of shades and colors like blue or gray. 

Airwalk Indestructible Shoes 

These sneakers have many similar features to the aforementioned battlefield shoes.

However, they incorporate a somewhat more modernized aesthetic.

They consist of Kevlar material and include steel toe caps alongside an electric-shock-resistant rubber sole.

They also include an additional shockproof layer and a midsole with anti-puncture functionality.

These shoes are essentially their military counterparts without having a militaristic pattern.

They come in a variety of colors like red, pink, blue and black. 

Hummer Indestructible Shoes

This Hummer shoe is incredibly popular and is one of indestructible shoe’s best designs with regard to its aesthetic.

Not only do they look phenomenal, but their use of fly-mesh material also prevents the build-up of any unwanted odors.

They also infuse European steel toe caps alongside anti-puncture functionality and a sole that is resistant to shock, including electric shocks.

The insole inside of the Hummer sneaker is similar to the CamoX as it has been upgraded to provide more padding within the heel cup alongside arch support that ensures that your weight is balanced appropriately.

Similar to the other shoes that I have mentioned, they also weigh under 1lb.

The texture of the outsoles is similar to the CamoX and looks aesthetically pleasing.

These shoes derive in various colors and tones, ranging from black, gray and black with a neon strike for those who want a shoe with a futuristic look. 

J3 Indestructible Shoes

This shoe has the appearance of both a work boot and a sneaker.

However, unlike a work boot, you will not be prone to sweating heavily if you are wearing a J3 shoe.

This is because it consists of kevlar fly-mesh that allows air to enter the shoe and aerate your feet while you work.

The steel toe caps and anti-puncture functionality ensure that you stay protected at all times during your work day. 

The thing that sets these shoes apart from their counterparts is that they are also uniquely resistant to fire.

While you should avoid setting them on fire directly, they will be more resistant than other sneaker forms.

They also include an additional padded insole, similar to the Hummer and Ryder shoes.

The J3 is also super-flexible and lightweight, coming in many colors ranging from green to red. 

Things To Avoid

Some retailers will pertain to selling indestructible shoes while selling fake products.

This is particularly problematic if you purchase these shoes specifically due to the hazardous nature of your working environment.

In order to avoid the potential to purchase fake versions of the indestructible shoe, you should always purchase your shoes from the official website as opposed to eBay or other websites that may be selling counterfeit versions.

Reading user reviews is usually the best way to determine whether you are purchasing a real indestructible shoe from an external source or not.

Do not be suckered in by a good price; it is always worth paying more to own the real, authentic, safety-assured product.

Trust me, your feet will thank you, and your life may also depend on it.

Indestructible Shoes Review - Conclusion

To conclude, indestructible shoes are undoubtedly useful if you are working within a strenuous or hazardous working environment.

These shoes are also reputable, as they have been featured in magazines like the Military Times.

Whether you are in the military or working in a restaurant environment, these shoes have undoubted benefits for working within both industries.

This is because your feet require the utmost support and protection when working within laborious roles, as you will be applying pressure on your soles constantly.

Therefore, purchasing indestructible shoes is strongly advisable because you can inherently receive the support and padding that your feet require to keep you functioning proficiently and safely within demanding working environments.

A further bonus of purchasing indestructible shoes is that the vast majority of these shoes are made using Kevlar fly-mesh material, which ensures that you do not build up foul odors within your shoes, which can make your surrounding work environment unpleasant for yourself and others.

The fly-mesh enables your feet to remain aerated, inherently reducing your overall body temperature and increasing your productivity by proxy. 

The only downside to these shoes is that there are some sellers who are selling counterfeit alternatives in an attempt to scam you out of your money.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of these scams and potentially putting yourself at risk by owning a fake pair of indestructible shoes, you should always try to purchase your indestructible shoes directly from the company itself.

This will ensure that you can reap the full safety benefits of owning a pair of indestructible shoes.

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