It Luggage Review [Our 4 Top Luggage Picks]

August 9, 2022
by Dan Skewes

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Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than lousy luggage. Trying to navigate a crowded airport or terminal, even just reaching the hotel room, becomes a nightmare when you're struggling with a heavy suitcase with bad wheels. 

It Luggage thinks they've created the solution. This is a brand that focuses on combining stable frames with a lightweight build for a suitcase that you can enjoy using.

Selling both carry-on and checked bags, It Luggage intends to create a range that can meet all your travel needs.

But does it lives up to its promises? Let's find out! Keep reading our full It Luggage review and our top 4 picks for your next trip.

All About It Luggage

It Luggage was established in 1985 as a brand designed to bring stylish luggage to every traveler. The brand is proud of the innovative luggage designs they've spearheaded, including the expanding luggage style that was first developed by It and is now used across the market.

It is a brand that very much targets the everyday traveler, with low-cost luggage that is often small enough to be used as a carry-on. However, they combine this lower budget with a stylish finish, making this a suitcase that you'll want to take around the world with you.

It (which stands for International Traveler) releases new designs frequently and is definitely targeting vacationers who like to share their travels online.

But that doesn't mean that these are all style, no substance. On the contrary, it has some real innovation in its history, and the current offerings are impressive.

What We Like About It Luggage

There's a lot to like about It luggage. The brand mixes affordability with style and some considerable innovation. If you're considering investing in It luggage, here are the reasons why you should:


It luggage is an affordable brand for the average traveler. If you're after a carry-on, you can typically find something in the $50 to $100 range. 

Even the most expensive sets are reasonably priced, especially considering how expensive luggage can be. Of course, cheaper brands are available, but we think that It luggage is well priced compared to many of its competitors.


For leisure travel, It suitcases have impressive durability. 

The build, finish, and materials are all of high quality. If you travel roughly twice a year, It Luggage set could last you for 10 years. 


It has created some attractive suitcases that you'll enjoy being seen with. Moreover, it has proven that you don't need to be paying a fortune to get a good-looking and functional bag. 

Sleek colors and tones are combined with stylish sculpting and finishes for classic designs that will age well.


One of the major selling points of It is that they build lightweight luggage. Some of their carry-ons are as light as 3.8 lbs, which is incredible compared to the rest of the market.

A lightweight suitcase is fantastic for busy city breaks, festivals, and traveling on the road.

Customer base

Plenty of customers keep coming back to It and have been loyal for decades. Clearly, they must be doing something right if customers can't seem to get enough.

Overall, there's a lot to love here. These are suitcases for travelers who like to take things easy and look good while doing it. 

What We Don't Like About It Luggage

There are some really strong points to it and a few things we were less than impressed with.


It Luggage is designed to be lightweight, which is great — to an extent. But with all lightweight designs, there will be some sacrifice in strength.

For frequent travelers, It doesn't have the durability to keep up. 


With each It suitcase, there's a 10-year warranty. Pretty good, right? However, users have reported some issues with the warranty. 

Manufacturing defects are covered, but some other faults aren't — and they really should be. 

Customer Support

Some users have found that customer support from it is lacking. In fact, some have found they've struggled to even get It on the phone. 

So, if you have an issue with your luggage, don't expect much help from the brand.

Online Sales

It really takes pride in its commitment to in-store sales. Unfortunately, that means buying luggage online is difficult. Their own website only caters to UK buyers, and the Amazon shop is hit-and-miss. If you want to choose from the full range that It has to offer, you might be better off shopping in person.

Our Top Picks From It Luggage

It has an extensive range, and they're regularly bringing out new releases to impress its loyal audience. Here are our top picks for It suitcases:

It Luggage Beach Stripes 22" Softside Carry-On 8 Wheel Spinner

it luggage Beach Stripes 22' Softside Carry-On 8 Wheel Spinner, Black/Grey

This carry-on suitcase from It Luggage is a practical and compact option for world travelers. It's lightweight, with easy handling and a simple design that speaks of classic style. 

What we love about this suitcase is the wheel system. It has 8 wheels across 4 casters that have been repeatedly tested to ensure that they glide easily over even difficult surfaces.

This soft side carry-on will competently navigate crowded streets and busy roads if you enjoy a city break. 

Combined with the unique base for added stability, the It suitcase won't slow you down wherever your travels might take you.

As you'd expect from It, this case is light. It uses aluminum tubes for an impressive strength that doesn't add extra weight. The small size is suitable as a carry-on, but the neat build ensures maximum space for storage.

There's also a larger and ergonomic handle for easy movement.

A leather-look trim finishes the case nicely for a piece of luggage that's as practical as it is stylish. 

It Luggage 27" Elevate Hardside Spinner

Elevate Hardside Spinner

The Elevate Hardside Spinner is checked luggage with a difference. Unzip the hard sides, and unveil an extra width of space for packing.

Ideal if you're a traveler that hates to leave without souvenirs. 

The brilliance of expandable luggage is the versatility of the design. The compact original size can hold everything you need for quick weekends away.

But when you're heading further afield, you can expand the luggage outwards and give yourself a wealth of extra space.

An expandable suitcase can also work in reverse! Festival lovers and campers who understand the need for packing supplies can collapse their luggage once they've emptied their necessities.

The ABS plastic outer shell has an attractive molded finish, which gives a good strength to the luggage. Spinner wheels have an easy movement for good navigation, and the telescoping top handle is comfortable in hand.

A fantastic choice for a versatile traveler.

It Luggage Oasis 21" Hardside Carry-On Luggage

it luggage Oasis 21 Hardside Carry-on Luggage

With the Oasis, It luggage has created a suitcase that combines everything the company is known for. Lightweight, stylish, expandable, and portable — the Oasis is ideal for all kinds of travel. 

The 4-wheel rolling system employed by It gives the Oasis 360-degree maneuverability. Incredibly useful for navigating through those airport crowds.

With this upright carry-on, you can start to enjoy your vacation as soon as you reach your destination. 

Inside the case are two interior tie-down straps, a mesh pocket, and two slip pockets. Efficient packers will enjoy how easy it is to optimize the limited space of the compact Oasis.

Don't have enough room? No problem! The Oasis is an expandable suitcase, opening out to provide an extra boost of space for longer trips.

This is a hard-side case with both fantastic durability and adaptability. 

It Luggage Duo-Tone 3 Piece Softside 8 Wheel Spinner Set

it luggage Duo-Tone 3 Piece Softside 8 Wheel Spinner Set, Pewter/Black, 3 Pc

This is one of the best-selling It sets, and for good reason. This versatile set offers plenty of space for both day trips and long journeys.

Thanks to the three luggage sizes, this set can really suit all your travel needs.

A soft side set, each case is made of one large inner pocket and a front panel pocket. That front panel is excellent for road trips. It's large enough to hold a tablet or laptop, and the long zipper offers easy access.

Make sure to pack it with your essentials, and you'll never find yourself digging around in your suitcase when you're on the go.

Overall, the construction of the It set is impressive. The wheels make it natural to move around, and the zippers are smooth and easy to use.

Aluminum tubes keep the weight down on even the largest of the cases, while the base structure gives added stability.

If you're interested in a low-cost luggage set with some real versatility, we highly recommend seeing what it offers.

It Luggage Review - Final Thoughts

It Luggage may not have the durability of some other cases, but they're still a solid choice for the casual traveler. They combine a lightweight build with a stable design and attractive finishes for a suitcase that you can enjoy using. 

For those who love a weekend break, we recommend looking at the carry-on options from It, which have an easy maneuverability and decent durability.

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