Monkey 47 Gin Review [Divine Glory in 47 Flavors]

March 31, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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Want to try out a new gin?

Then you will probably be drawn to this popular and highly recommended gin from Monkey 47. Made in the distilleries of Black Forest, Germany, this contemporary gin is a welcome addition to any party. 

It's undoubtedly eye-catching - with a dark bottle and rustic label that suggests that this company has a rich history, so they have definitely had enough time to make the perfect gin. Continue reading as we dive deep with our Monkey 47 Gin review.

If this gin is jumping out at you from the shelves, is it worth trying out?

Before you pick up a bottle of Monkey 47 dry gin to try out for yourself, look at our review to see if it is worth your time and money.

The History Of Monkey 47 

The story of Monkey 47 is definitely a rich one. 

They were founded way back in the 1970s by British Air Force Commander Montgomery Collins after moving to an isolated guest house in the Black Forest of Germany named the 'Wild Monkey' house. 

There, he learned about the Black Forest tradition of distilling fruit and brought it together with the Great British tradition of dry gin and exotic flavors of both India.

After many years of hard work and drawing together plans and sourcing spices, Commander Collins and the distillers of the Black Forest managed to craft a high-quality gin that we now know as Monkey 47. 

The name Monkey 47 is definitely an odd one for a gin, but Commander Collins picked it specifically. The number 47 references the 47 different plant ingredients used in the Monkey 47 recipe that help give it a unique flavor. 

So with a touch of British tradition merged with the mastery of the Black Forest distilleries, we expect Monkey 47 to be a rich melody of high-quality craftsmanship with the classic taste of dry gin. 

With a recipe so long to include 47 different plants alone, we also expect there to be plenty of flavor in just one tiny sip - so, now let's take a taste of Monkey 47 and see what we think!

Aroma And Scent

The moment you remove the stopper of this bottle, you can instantly smell the 47 ingredients of this gin.

Your nose will pick up a bunch of different smells in seconds - a few we noted included the sharp scent of lime and lemon, with the more floral aromas of rose, hibiscus, and lavender. 

So immediately, you can tell that this gin will contain a lot of different notes at once. It's also very aromatic and bright, perfect for drinking alone or in cocktails. 

The more you let the aroma of this gin wash over you, the more scents you can pick out - sometimes more fruit, sometimes more floral, and each one is a new surprise. 

So, before you even take your first sip, you will definitely be excited to try this gin out. 

Taste And Palette

Monkey 47 Gin Review bottle

There's a lot to engage within this gin, as there is so much going on with just a single sip. Each flavor is fleeting and dances on your tongue before quickly being replaced by another, like a variety act that keeps ongoing. 

It starts off very minty with strong herbal notes. Some are more floral than others, like the quick note of lavender we picked up before some stronger natural notes take over. We picked out rosemary, oregano, honeysuckle, and pine in this tornado of flavors. 

Its palette is reminiscent of nature scenes, like forests and flower meadows, so this gin is definitely enjoyable during warm summer evenings or bright spring days. 

The aftertaste is far more lively and sweet, with notes of fruit and floral that linger long after you have swallowed. Dancing with sharp notes of peppermint are the citrus flavors of lemon and lime, along with the fruitier blackberry and pineapple.

There are even hints of spices like ginger and cinnamon that bring a fiery sweetness that goes hand in hand with notes of honeysuckle and almond.

Overall, this gin is something to behold. Each small taste is robust and packed with flavors that just blow your taste buds away.

It's a rewarding kind of drink that really makes you sit down and think about it, marveling at all the flavor and notes you can pick up. Each sip is different, allowing this gin to sway between floral and fruity.

Sweet and spicy, this gin really does have it all when it comes to flavors. This makes it very balanced; although we found it leaned a little more heavily towards floral, you can definitely pick up clear spice and citrus notes. 

Cocktail Inspirations

A gin like this can definitely be enjoyed on its own, but its various notes and aromas make it a great addition to a lot of cocktails. 

Of course, there is always the classic Gin and Tonic. There's a good reason why this is one of the most popular gin-based cocktails, and it's because the flavors are so sharp and clear. 

Thanks to how simple it is to make, it allows you to enjoy the Monkey 47 gin in all its glory.

The tonic helps bring out the more exotic herbal notes and the sharp citrus flavors so you can enjoy tastes of grapefruit, lemon, and mint all together for a refreshing drink.

This kind of Gin and Tonic is perfect for when you are basked in late sunlight, out on a patio enjoying a beautiful summer sunset. 

Another refreshing cocktail to make with Monkey 47 would be a classic Martini. Martinis help bring out the herbal notes of Monkey 47, of which there are many.

Rosemary, oregano, mint, spruce, juniper - they all shine through here thanks to the aid of the vermouth. Finish it off with a bit of lemon or lime zest for that sharp tinge to diversify the palette, and you will have a great evening cocktail for a late night out. 

If it's sweet and spicy you are after, then try out a Negroni cocktail with Monkey 47.

Thanks to its many ingredients, Monkey 47 can jump from one cocktail to the next, containing the right notes that can be brought out and enhanced with extra ingredients from other cocktail components. 

In a Negroni, the fruitiness of Monkey 47 is enhanced by the sweet vermouth and Campari. Top it all off with a slice of rich orange, and you will end up with a Negroni that balances herbs with fruit, heated up with touches of ginger and cinnamon spice.

It's the perfect choice for those who prefer spicier, sweeter cocktails for a true summer treat.

And finally, we have the Gimlet cocktail. Monkey 47, after all, is a dry gin, so it should be treated as such and included in a Gimlet. Gimlets are deliciously sharp and dry, so Monkey 47 can help make the perfect Gimlet, thanks to its citrus notes and dry properties.

Add a touch of syrup or sugar for some sweetness that perfectly complements the fruity notes of Monkey 47 without drowning out the lemon and lime we all enjoy in a classic Gimlet. 

So overall, Monkey 47 is an ideal gin to pick up if you love cocktails and want something that is versatile to be used in lots of different recipes.

It has everything you need, and all you need to do is enhance the notes you want with some extra cocktail components. It really is that easy!

Monkey 47 Gin Review - Our Verdict

So - would we recommend Monkey 47?

Definitely! It is the perfect summer gin that can be used repeatedly in lots of different cocktails. 

Its palette is varied and diverse with all kinds of notes and flavors, including floral, fruity, herbal and spice. With so many ingredients included in its recipe, the variety of flavors is no surprise at all. 

This is what makes it such a great component for the perfect cocktail - it contains everything you need, and you can highlight the notes you want by using the other ingredients in your desired cocktail. 

Its aroma is strong and exciting. Each sip is something new, making you want to constantly return to this dry gin so you can enjoy a mixture of different notes every time. 

Monkey 47 is a dry gin that perfectly brings together the classic British dry gin with the talented distilleries of Black Forest, plus its recipe sources exotic and natural ingredients that help it bring any cocktail to life.

Overall, we love this gin and definitely think you should try it out this summer! 

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a bottle of Monkey 47 Dry Gin in time for your next cocktail party. It will be the perfect addition to your personal bar, so don't hesitate - try it out for yourself and enjoy!

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