Otterbox Aneu Review [On An iPhone 12 Mini]

February 21, 2023
by Dan Skewes

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An iPhone is a wondrous invention - there’s no denying that. But behind every great leader is a great team, and there’s one accessory you should not live without.

A phone case to protect your $800 investment, of course! 

Phones are one of the most expensive things we pay for, so finding a case that will actually protect your phone can be tricky.

We advise you to steer clear from the trendy, flimsy cases that are there to look nice rather than actually protect the device. 

Instead, we looked at higher-quality brands. Otterbox was a recurring character in our searches, so we decided to give them a go and get an Aneu case for our iPhone 12 Mini. 

Below is our complete Otterbox Aneu review, including price, design, case options and whether we think they’re worth it or not. 


  • Slim but still protective
  • Lifetime warranty from Otterbox
  • Textured material ensures great grip
  • Compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging devices. 


  • Higher price point than competitors
  • The simple look isn’t for everyone.

Otterbox Aneu Cases Overview 

OtterBox - Ultra-Slim iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Case (ONLY) - Made for Apple MagSafe, Protective Phone Case, Sleek & Pocket-Friendly Profile (Black Licorice)

The Aneu series of iPhone cases has been designed and distributed by Otterbox. They are compatible with iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, 12 Max, 13, and 13 Pro. 

These cases come in a limited number of colors, ranging from black to blue, red to pink, and a whole range of blue shades. 

The case is slim fit and won’t bulk your phone up, making it as easy as ever to slide your phone in and out of your pocket.

The slightly textured case gives you a confident hold on your phone to prevent accidental drops, making your investment feel safer instantly. 

Some of the Aneu cases even come designed to work with Apple’s MagSafe ecosystem, which includes the MagSafe charger and Qi Wireless charging. 

Otterbox also offers a lifetime warranty with each of these cases, and their customer service is very helpful for any smaller queries. 

But are the cases actually worth it? Let’s find out… 

What We Liked About Otterbox Aneu Cases

First, we’ll walk you through what we liked about using our Aneu case. We’ve been using it for around two months now, and there are a few things that have stood out to us. 

Nice Grip

The case is slightly textured, so fine that you hardly see it when looking at the case, but the bumps are still there.

This, along with the rubbery bumper, makes it easy to keep the phone tight in your hand while using it. 

We’ve used too many phone cases where the case is super slippery, threatening to fall out of our hands every time we have to take it out of our pocket.

You won’t have this problem with the Aneu series. 

Works Seamlessly With iPhones

This might be an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised by how many phone cases we’ve tried that don’t actually line up with the phone that they’re intended for! 

The Aneu case didn’t disappoint here, though, with it fitting our iPhone like a glove. 

The buttons line up exactly where they do on the device, and the speakers aren’t covered by incorrect hole placement. 

The cutouts are also accurate for the mute button, camera, and lightning port, so you should have no trouble using your phone as normal. 

These cases are also compatible with MagSafe chargers, which means that you don’t have to remove the case each time you want to wirelessly charge your phone.

This added another layer of convenience to our experience. 

Not Too Bulky

The case is thin and offers a small bumper around the perimeter of the device for added protection.

But this doesn’t make the case too bulky, which is what we were hoping to avoid. 

IPhones are getting bigger by the year - soon they won’t be able to fit in anyone’s pockets!

So, one of our main criteria for a good case is that it does not add too much size or weight.

The Aneu case ticked both boxes, leaving us feeling like our phone was protected without weighing us down.

What We Didn’t Like About Otterbox Aneu Cases

There’s only one thing that we didn’t like about using this case, and it was the initial investment.

Everything else with this case worked well, and we think that it’s worth the money. That still doesn’t make us happy about it, though… 

Price Point

The price point is the only big thing that we weren’t so much a fan of with the Aneu case series.

The price is much higher than many other iPhone cases out there, and some argue that you’re not getting much for the price. 

Take Casetify, for example. These two brands both offer similar price points, but with Casetify, you’ll receive amazing protection with a fun pattern or personalization. 

In comparison, the Aneu cases look pretty boring. They come in limited colors and don’t offer personalization.

For the price point, we’d hope for something a little more exciting to protect our device with. 

Picture of iPhone cases (blue, green and pink)

Otterbox Aneu Cases Are For You If 

You’re Looking For MagSafe Compatibility

You might get lucky and choose a case that is thin enough to work with MagSafe charging equipment without it being specifically compatible.

Or you might accidentally choose a case too thick that requires you to remove the case every time you want to charge your phone. 

The third option is that you opt for a MagSafe-compatible phone case, like the Aneu series.

This case self-aligns itself to the charger, clicks onto the charger properly, and shows the iPhone’s charging status.

You Enjoy The Simple Color Scheme

Aneu cases are made of a simple color scheme that uses two hues of the same color.

These offer a pop of color to your phone without making them stand out too much. The colorways are nice enough, as long as they’re up to your personal taste. 

You Want To Keep Your Phone As Slim As Possible

The general rule is that the thicker the case makes your phone, the better the protection.

However, this isn’t always the case as the Aneu series manages to offer decent protection while adding almost no thickness to your phone.

You’ll still be able to carry your phone around in your pocket while using an Aneu case!

Otterbox Aneu Cases Aren’t For You If...

They’re Out Of Your Budget 

Not everyone has the budget to spend this much on a phone case, and that’s okay.

There are plenty of other phone cases out there that are more budget-friendly, and that will offer you a similar layer of protection. 

They won’t have the MagSafe compatibility, but you don’t necessarily need this. It is simply more convenient than having a case without it. 

You Don’t Like The Look

Life is too short to be using a phone case that you don’t enjoy the look of.

These cases are rather basic to look at, and if you don’t like the look (like many people don’t!), then you should keep looking for a case that sparks joy. 

You could always decorate your Aneu phone case with stickers and vinyl if you wanted to jazz it up a bit, but this would take away from the textured surface that helps to protect your phone from slips. 

Will This Case Protect Your Phone? 

Yes, the Otterbox Aneu series will protect your phone from accidental bumps and drops.

The hard plastic case stretches all the way behind the phone, ensuring that the back is fully protected.

The bumpers surround the perimeter of the phone, rising slightly higher than the screen to protect it from front-facing collisions.

This is excellent as it will help protect your phone without a screen protector (although we would highly recommend a glass screen protector as well for maximum protection).

The bumpers are seen around the camera, too. This helps prevent the camera from cracking after a nasty bump, ensuring that your picture quality won’t decrease. 

Otterbox Aneu Review - Summary 

If the Aneu Series phone cases from Otterbox are in your budget and you enjoy the simplicity of their style, then we recommend you consider one for your iPhone.

The cases are compatible with MagSafe technology and are very convenient to use. 

The case also offers excellent protection to all corners of your phone, preventing damage from accidental bumps and drops. 

The pop of color is nice for anyone who enjoys a laid-back life without too much attention being drawn to their phone, too. 

While these cases are not cheap, we think that the price is well worth it if you want a case that is both functional and attractive.

They’re convenient, easy to use, and won’t bulk up your phone. We’ve been using ours for a few months and haven’t gotten sick of it yet!

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