Complete Silicon Nerd Review [Are They Legit?]

May 31, 2022
by Jack Lyons

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Do you want to get into the tech and gaming industry? If yes, then you should definitely check out Silicon Nerd.

This is a company that offers gaming devices on their online website platform at retail prices that are great!

The site also contains a blog featuring the best products and services available around gaming devices.

This is great when you want to find more information about a device or console from people who have tested them out for you!

Most of its content is reviews of different products and services. The site also posts about new trends and all that is going on in the tech world. The blog was started in 2009, so there you can find information about old products as well as new ones.

It doesn't matter if you're an expert or unfamiliar with the world of tech; Silicon Nerd is bound to have something for you!

Silicon Nerd is a reliable site for buying gaming devices, gaming consoles, and gaming PCs. Keep reading for our full Silicon Nerd review.

What Is Silicon Nerd?

Silicon Nerd is an online retailer that sells gaming devices such as Xbox and PlayStation.

You can also buy gaming consoles and gaming PCs. These products are not officially available in other countries except the US.

So if you want them, you should go to Silicon Nerd.

Most of the items on Silicon Nerd are not officially available elsewhere except in the U.S. So Silicon Nerd is the best place to go!

Their products range from laptops to tablets to gaming systems.

Their prices are competitive, and their inventory is always up-to-date.

Their online ordering system is easy to use and they ship quickly.

This is great when you want to get your hands on the right gaming console at a faster shipping rate; we can relate to the problem of waiting too long for a device to arrive at your front doorstep when you want to just get started and set it up.

How Do You Get Started With Silicon Nerd?

Silicon Nerd is a legit company. There are many products that a customer can buy from the website. 

We found this website to be very trustworthy as it has a high reputation score of 7.7 out of 10.

There are many products available on the website, and you can easily buy them without having to worry about anything.

You can also read reviews written by previous customers about the products. 

Silicon nerds are a great website for people who want to buy things from the US.

You can get any item you need without leaving your house.

Pros Of Silicon Nerds

  • Easy and very secure payments.
  • Branded products.
  • Sold at retail price.
  • Free shipping when spending over $100.
  • SSL valid certificate.

Shipping charts provide information about shipping costs and insurance coverage.

Customers will be provided with detailed shipping charts. The chart includes countries, prices, and weight limits.

The chart is updated regularly by the company. 

Free shipping is offered to customers who place orders worth more than $100.

The site uses a secure connection to ensure the safety of customer data.

You can opt for a custom quotation to buy any item from this page.

This website is very safe to use. The client must be connected to the internet.

The goods can be purchased at several locations. The shipping charges are reasonable.

The company offers services to buy anything from any store in the country.

Shipping costs are very low. You can purchase items at the same price as the retail store.

Use an encrypted connection to access the website.

Cons Of Silicon Nerds

  • No current social media except Twitter
  • There is no About Us page.
  • Little to no reviews from customers. 
  • Minimal traffic

The website is not very well-known so it could be considered underrated.

There are very few customer reviews or testimonials about the store, so just keep this in mind before you make any final purchases on devices or products, as you would any other store you haven't used before.

The store doesn't share any personal information of the owners and the company.

The store doesn't have any social media pages to check the reviews of buyers.

The store doesn't mention any phone numbers to contact directly.

This could be an issue for anyone wanting to contact the company further to inquire about a product or device, so keep this in mind also.

The site is not unreasonably well known. There are client reviews accessible.

There are no client comments available. However, the site does have a legitimate contact email address and high client communication via web-based media.

Basically, there are limited options for contacting them, but if you do wish to contact them, there is a way to do so, just not many options.

Are They Legit?

Girl looking at her laptop confused

Their domain age is 3 years old, and their trust score is 60%, which is promising.

However, these factors do not guarantee legitimacy. There are no promotional ads on the website.

This could just be an issue of the company being a smaller company, so their updates on the site lag a little.

The website also lets customers buy multiple branded products at once.

Trusting this website is your choice, but you need to be careful while doing it.

You should check out the site fully before buying anything, just like you would any other business!

Customer reviews play an important role when claiming the legitimacy of an online store such as Silicon Nerd.

Social media pages do help promote the company, but without any promotional ads or posts, it doesn't seem completely legitimate.

Are There Any Customer Reviews?

The website lacks promotional posts. The website is old and doesn't get any customer feedback, which may raise some questions about its legitimacy. 

The site doesn't have much information about its clients. You should be careful when using this site because there may be some problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Silicon Nerd?

Silicon Nerd is helpful when you're searching for a console online and want a site to buy one from at a reasonable price that isn't going to break the bank!

The last thing you want is to be spending too much money on something that you're not sure about, so this quality is handy when you're worried about this.

Does Silicon Nerd Really Help People?

Silicon nerds cover everything from cellphones to drones.

Their reviews are often not the most detailed and thorough, so this could be a drawback.

There are so many types of technologies covered that it's impossible to miss something important.

Silicon nerds make great products to help you get more out of your tech.

What Makes Them Unique?

You can trust Silicon Nerd's unbiased opinion because they've been writing detailed reports online for many years now.

Bottom line - Don't settle when it comes to deciding which cell phone or HD TV you're going to buy in the near future.

Check out what Silicon Nerds has said first before making a final decision!

Silicon Nerd sells products at discounted prices to individuals and businesses. 

Can Your Order Be Tracked Through Silicon Nerd?

Yes, you can track your orders and offer their products service.

They stand behind their customers and guarantee them a high-quality product when they login to their accounts and click on the My Orders tab.

They offer a one-year warranty on all of their items. If you do have any issues with your item, please contact them, and they will gladly assist you.

What's The Best Part of The Site?

The best part about their site is that today, you can find the best consoles and gaming devices, especially through their easy site and they can be delivered to your doorstep at a fast delivery rate!

This is fantastic if you're excited to get your hands on the next best device and want it fast!

Silicon Nerds buys stuff from the market at retail prices and delivers it to your door.

You can buy anything from them, including Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Cameras, etc.

Their prices are very reasonable, and they deliver anywhere in the world.

Silicon Nerd Review - Final Thoughts

There are many upcoming products and electronic gadgets that you can purchase with the help of Silicon Nerd.

But it is very important to be sure about the quality and legitimacy before you order something from the site and part with your hard-earned cash.

Take precautions as you would with any other site when searching through this one, as it is a lesser-known site, so always be aware of what you're buying and who from.

You should test this website carefully because there might be some problems.

The site doesn't provide any information about how long it takes to load pages or whether it loads fast enough.

Also, you shouldn't expect to get a lot of customer feedback because there aren't any reviews yet.

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