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June 28, 2022
by Dan Skewes

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This is where our reviews come in handy. We class ourselves as chair experts and know when a good seat comes our way.

Having reviewed plenty of different types of chairs, we think we have found some great ones that are perfect for your needs.

The Ultimate Sack is one of the most popular bean bag chairs on the market - and for a good reason (we think!).

It's easy to use, comfortable, and pretty affordable. It also has a lot of features that make it stand out from other models.

The Ultimate Sack is available in two sizes: Standard and Extra Large.

If you are considering purchasing an Ultimate Sack, then you are in the right place.

Continue reading our Ultimate Sack review, where we will look at all the pros and cons of this particular bean bag and guide you through all the factors you may have to consider, so you can establish if this is the right choice for you, your home, and your lifestyle. 

What Is An Ultimate Sack?

Ultimate Sack

ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs in Multiple Sizes and Colors: Giant Foam-Filled Furniture - Machine Washable Covers, Double Stitched Seams, Durable Inner Liner. (6000, Grey Suede)

An Ultimate Sack is a type of bean bag chair that is made by a company called Ultimate Products.

They first came onto the scene back in 2007, and since then, they have been making bean bags ever since.

Their products are designed with comfort in mind and are very durable, but apart from this, the origins of the ultimate sack have remained pretty mysterious - with the identities of the founders remaining hidden from the public.

In particular, the company has a focus on manufacturing products from high-quality, long-lasting and durable materials so that you can buy something that is more comfortable than a couch and is going to last you as long as one too! 

The company headquarters are in Ohio, in the city of Hudson, and though the founders started it out of a basement, it is now a popular product that can be found in houses across the nation. 

Pros Of An Ultimate Sack

So, what do people love about these bean bags? Well, here are just a few things that we've noticed over time:

1) Durability

One thing that really stands out about the Ultimate Sack is its durability.

It is built using tough polyester material, which means it is going to withstand wear and tear better than many other bean bag chairs.

This makes it ideal for kids' rooms (or any kind of room with heavy traffic) because it won't get damaged easily, and it will keep them entertained for longer periods of time.

2) Comfort

Another thing that sets the Ultimate Sack apart from others is its comfort levels.

It is designed to provide maximum relaxation and support, meaning that it is going to help you feel totally relaxed after sitting down.

It does this by providing firm support and pressure relief points throughout the entire body, meaning that no matter how much you sit in it, you're going to stay comfy.

3) Versatility

Another thing that we like about the Ultimate Sack is that it is versatile.

You can use it in any room, whether it's in your living room or your bedroom, and it will fit perfectly into whatever space you put it in.

So, if you want to relax in style, then this is definitely the bean bag chair for you.

You can also use it for a whole host of purposes - it is cozy enough to replace an armchair or sofa but firm enough to use as a footstool (or even balance a tray of food on - like a very squidgy coffee table). 

4) Price

Finally, another great thing about the Ultimate Sack is the fact that it is relatively inexpensive.

We know that some bean bags are quite expensive, but the cheapest Ultimate Sack is priced at around $120, which is still affordable compared to most other bean bags. 

5) Removable & Replaceable Covers 

Even though the covers themselves are very durable, if you do cause some permanent damage to them (or just want a different look), you are in luck.

All the covers are removable and replaceable. The Ultimate Sack comes with removable covers, which can be used when needed.

These covers are easy to remove, and they are machine washable, so you don't need to worry about ruining them.

The covers are designed to protect the fabric, and they come in several colors, including blue, green, gray, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, black, brown and tan. 

Cons Of An Ultimate Sack

There aren't many cons to the Ultimate Sack, but one thing that we did notice a few.

Here is our comprehensive account of the cons of purchasing an Ultimate sack. 

1) Insert Is Not Washable 

Unfortunately, the bean-filled insert of the ultimate sack is not washable, so you'll have to take care of that yourself.

If you spill something on it, you're going to have to clean it up yourself rather than leave it down to the washing machine. 

2) No Mesh Pockets 

The Ultimate Sack doesn't include mesh pockets on the sides of the bean bag, unlike a number of its slightly more upmarket competitors, which means that you will have fewer storage options. 

3) Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years Old 

We would recommend that you buy the Ultimate Sack only if you're buying it for someone who is over the age of three.

This is because the bean bag is too big for babies and toddlers (and also full of small, plastic beans that are very swallowable for an infant).

Therefore, it isn't really suitable or safe for a small child's use.

Sizes Of The Ultimate Sack 

Ultimate Sack Reviews

The Ultimate Sack has a number of sizes available: 6000, 5000, 4000, 3000, the Kid's Sack, and the Lounger.

All the sizes are made from high-quality materials and are super comfortable, but if you want a little more information about all of your option, here is our  account: 

Ultimate Sack 6000 

This size is perfect for adults, and it is the largest size available.

It measures 68 inches wide, and it weighs approximately 65 pounds, and it is made from polyester fiber fill.

It is a really huge bean bag chair, so ensure that you have adequate space in the room of choice before deciding whether this is the right size for you.

You will find that the Ultimate Sack 6000 is a very popular size, and it is often sold out. 

Ultimate Sack 5000 

This size is still ideal for most adults, though it is a touch smaller than the 6000 model, by approximately one foot in length.

It is also a bit lighter than the 6000 model, weighing around 50 pounds. It is made from polyester fill, and it measures 62 x 52 inches.

You will still be able to fit two adults on this pretty comfortable, though it will be a little more of a snug fit than the 6000. 

Ultimate Sack 4000 

This is a great size for kids, teenagers, and even college students.

It is a little smaller than the other models, measuring 60 x 48 inches, and it weighs around 40 pounds.

It is made using polyester fill, and you will be pleased with how soft and comfy it feels.

Kids love this size, and it is a good size for anyone who wants a beanbag chair that is a little bigger than a traditional armchair.

Ultimate Sack 3000 

This is the smallest size of the Ultimate Sack original range, and it is perfect for kids aged between 2-5 years old.

It is a lot smaller than the previous models, measuring just 30 to 35 inches, and it weighs approximately 20 pounds.

It is made with polyester fill, and although it is quite light, it is incredibly durable.

We think that this is the best-sized bean bag for younger children, as they can sit comfortably on it without feeling like they are sinking into it.

Kid's Sack 

If you want a bean bag that is a little smaller than a standard armchair, then we suggest that you consider getting the Kid's Sack instead.

It comes in two different sizes; the Kid's Sack 2000 and the Kid's Sack 1000.

Both of these come in a variety of colors, and they both measure 28 x 26 inches.

They weigh approximately 15 pounds each, and they are made from polyester fill.

The Kid's Sack 2000 is slightly larger than the Kid's Sack 1000, which makes it perfect for older kids, teens, or young adults. 


The Ultimate Sack Lounger is an extremely large bean bag, and it is perfect if you need somewhere to kick back and relax.

It measures 72 x 64 inches, and it weighs over 100 pounds.

It is made of polyester fiber fill, and it is designed to provide maximum comfort.

This is a great size for people who want something extra big, and it is suitable for use at home or in the office. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that our review has helped you decide what size bean bag you should buy - we think all the Ultimate Sacks are great choices (especially for their price point), and our guide to the various sizes should help you to pick out the right choice for your home.

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