What To Wear To A Country Concert? [Giddy Up!]

October 25, 2021
by Christine Devereaux
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Country concerts both indoors or outdoors are the center of so much fun and laughter.

Everyone attending is having a good time and to ensure that is preserved, you need to be comfortable.

The good news is that you can relax and party without sacrificing any style or sophistication.

There’s music, dancing, and festive food and beverage, but a big part of the fun is getting to break out your best pair of cowgirl boots. That is all great, but what to wear to a country concert might have you stumped!

At a country concert, you’ll probably be on your feet for an extended period of time, so whilst comfort is key, practicality does not have to come in the place of fashion sense, they can both align for the perfect country concert outfit combination.

In the quest for inspiration, we have compiled a few creative yet attendee-friendly ideas on what to wear to a country concert.

What Could Men Wear To A Country Concert?

There is no need to complicate things here. Keep it simple and effective with a traditional western style that is both comfortable and suitable for men throughout the concert.

Boots are standard and can be worn with a normal pair of jeans and even shorts if the weather is particularly hot.

Compliment this with a t-shirt, flannel shirt, or even both simultaneously. Again, weather-dependent, a vest may even suffice in the right circumstances.

Complete the look and finish it off with a favorite cowboy hat or just a cap if you want to go for a more casual appearance.

What Could Women Wear To A Country Concert?

Wear a flannel or plaid top over light-wash, boot-cut jeans, throw on your cowgirl boots If you want to go full-on cowgirl.

You then have the option to top off the look with a felt hat and some jewelry as the ideal accessories for your perfect country concert outfit.

You can’t go too wrong with cowgirl boots, denim, and a T-shirt or a top which flows when it comes to choosing what to wear to a country concert.

Wearing skinny jeans tucked into your boots works well or denim shorts for a breezy, relaxed, casual look.

Any of these along with your favorite blouse or flannel button-down complement the latest women's western fashion crazes.

Give Shoes The Boot

The boots are the most important part when compiling your outfit for a country concert.

A pair of cowgirl boots in bold colors will make you stand out amongst the crowd or try a striking pattern with a Southwestern-inspired pair of cowgirl boots which will really make a statement.

For an evening country concert, you could really turn heads by mixing things up a little. For example, the cowgirl boot equivalent of high heels is studded cowgirl booties.

Go against the norm by wearing them with capris, shorts, and an unpredictable dressier top, or a flowy dress for a trend-setting country concert outfit.

Attempting to wear anything other than boots is a bit naive given their impracticality for dancing, potentially some mud and you lining yourself up for a twisted ankle.

Play it safe and go with the boots or you will regret it at some point in the night or definitely the next morning!

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A Heads Up!

Blurry image in cowboy night party concert.

Too often people are more concerned with their clothes and footwear to think about their hair or if to wear a gate.

It can really compliment your style and complete a look if you nail the hairdo or find the perfect hat to match what is going on below the collarbone.

Don’t neglect the importance of headwear as hats are an essential part of a western wardrobe, a staple if you will.

When considering what to wear to a country concert, wearing a hat is a fantastic way to show off your personality, particularly for an outdoor event. 

Doubling up with fashion, you are also protecting your face from the sun by opting for a hat. 

Without wishing to overstate the importance of this, you quintessentially need a hat to emphasize the impact of your outfit and bring the true western vibe out from your carefully selected boots.

They are the traditional toppers that in modern society, come in a variety of colors and materials to suit your mood.

A trucker hat or snapback cap can add a point of difference to your striking appearance or alternatively put all the effort into your hairdo and let that speak for itself by forgoing the hat altogether in a bold and brave move.

There's a particular way to style your hair for a country concert or any set prototype to fit the mold.

Some folk love getting a blowdry to wear to a country concert, puffing it up and letting it run wild in the air appeals to them.

Others are more practically minded and prefer to keep it simple by throwing their hair up in a basic ponytail.

The whole point is to enjoy a country concert and to have as much fun as possible. With that in mind, go crazy if you wish, do nothing if it pleases you.

It is your prerogative to style your hair in a way that makes you feel as free as possible, boosts your confidence, and ensures comfort throughout.

Types Of Tops

The experimentation with the type of top you wear to a country concert is extremely versatile.

Although an extensive range may be open to you, whatever you choose will ultimately be dictated by the composition of the rest of your outfit.

This will largely depend on if you plan on wearing a pair of distressed brown cowgirl boots.

If so, it is best to stick to more casual tops, like a denim button-down, chunky knit, or graphic tee for example.

You could alternatively dress up a pair of cowgirl booties with an off-the-shoulder top or flowy cardigan which provides a touch of class to the overall look. 

Bottoms Up!

Choosing what to wear on your bottom half to a country concert mostly depends on the weather, the temperature, and your individual preferences.

Whether you wear pants or shorts will be influenced by these factors but also by how traditional you want your outfit to be.

Wearing shorts can keep you cool while you dance to your favorite song, especially in the summer, during outdoor concerts for example. 

Should the country concert you’re attending be in the fall or winter when temperatures drastically dip, you might be more comfortable in pants.

Traditionally, cowboy boots are worn with pants or jeans but this will all depend on your individual characteristics and your personal tolerance to the temperature fluctuations during the concert itself and in the hosting location. 

Is Wearing A Dress To A Country Concert Suitable?

As long as you think it is appropriate, then it is suitable. You can absolutely pull this off at a country concert just be mindful of a few things.

The fit and length are important because of the amount of dancing you will be doing. You could be being lifted, spun, or carried at points in the evening.

You could slip in the field or potentially be stood by gusts of wind.

All are important factors to consider when deciding whether to wear a dress and indeed, what type of dress. 

Selecting a cute and straightforward sundress, midi dress, or Western-style dress with cowboy boots to a country concert allows you to look cute while staying comfortable.

Dresses are also a fabulous choice for warmer weather.

Rock a flowy midi dress with a simple pattern, paired with a stylish pair of short cowgirl booties for an overall sexy and impressive collection of fashion attire without sacrificing comfort in any way shape, or form.

It may be worth considering a pair of shorts underneath the dress for the above circumstances may leave you exposing your panties to the entire crowd more often than you desire!

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